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2023 AMVCA Ends With Funny Wins, Big Losses and a Sprinkle of Risky Jokes!

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The biggest recognition night in Nollywood ended like a whirlwind with lots of talking points.

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From Anikulapo and  Brotherhood taking home the highest wins to Nigerian titles losing out in major categories and co-host IK swinging jokes that left questioning looks on viewers, this is a run-through of the 2023 AMVCA.

Ik Osakeduwa has been the co-host of the AMVCA since its inception in 2013.  From being a radio broadcaster to becoming the golden boy for hosting entertainment’s biggest events. His craft no doubt has grown over the years and cannot be regarded as anything less than professional.

However, the celebrity host came under fire after he made otherwise “risky” jokes on the AMVCA stage last night.

From mocking an actor’s career to referencing the amount spent on beauty enhancement, here is what was said:

Big Losses

Award announcement is a two-sided blade. First is the nominations. The second is the wins. The below titles surpassed the first blade but were cut short on the other side.

The Trade

Arguably the best project released in 2023, the feature title now streaming on Prime Video recorded zero wins out of its 4 nominations.

Battle on Buka Street

Despite being the highest-grossing film with over ₦600 million and spearheaded by Funke Akindele, West Africa’s biggest comedy star, Battle on Buka Street has been crowned the biggest loser of the AMVCA 2023 after initially bagging ten nominations with zero wins.

Shanty Town

Bagging the 2nd highest nominations, the Netflix-acquired series went home with just one win after an initial 11 nominations.

King of Thieves

When the final award was called, we thought, “This is it!” KOT must perhaps win the project from West Africa since Anikulapo had the best indigenous. But we were dead wrong. The jury favored Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo over the ₦320 million box office film.

Funny or Unexpected Wins?

Let’s study the wins and nominees below to understand if this is a funny or unexpected win. Tweet us your answers.

Best Costume Designer: In a category of TV Shows/Movies that require dressing lead cast and extras with attention to fit the character arcs, themes, and set design all under budget constraints, see the below winner.

Best Actress in a Comedy Movie/TV: A new generation talent with a YouTube series went head to head with two multi-generational talents that both led two 2022 box office hits. If this was placed on bets, one would have been foolish to not take a bet on the latter but here we are.

Best Actress in a Drama/TV: This type of win is as clear as the skin of a child. No further analysis.

Best Supporting Actress: 4:44:4 is a Nigerian feature film that began streaming on Prime Video with mainstream audiences actually not giving a damn until clips of its lead actor crying intensely while in dialogue went viral. When the nominations dropped and the win took place on the AMVCA, it was a much-deserved surprise.

Best Supporting Actor:  The gasp and following silence during the live recording of this category announcement tells you all you need to know. If you google the actor’s name, nothing substantial will come up, as the title seems to be of Egyptian origin.

In Summary

AMVCA 2023 put its best foot forward in the nominations list, but its final winners’ pick clearly shows how unpredictable the process is, which never fails to deliver talking points year in, year out.

See you next year, and congratulations to all the winners.

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