The Top 30 Movies Watched On Netflix Nigeria in 2020

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Early 2020, Netflix officially stepped onto the shores of Nigeria – The most populous black nation in the world.

Over 100 Domestic titles have been licensed to the platforms for movie goers to enjoy + a global catalogue of content that makes the streamer a force in the SVOD Business.

In this article, Here are Top 30 Movies Watched On Netflix Naija in 2020 (According to Flixpatrol)

At the end of this article, we did a taste chart based on Non comedy, Nigerian Directors, Action titles and Strong Black Leads to understand more about consumer preferences.

Let’s Begin

30. Fix Us

Fix Us tells the story three young ladies who take on a journey of faith and fate. When Naadie , Chioma and Jaya run into each other at an audition, they are bound by their common dream to be movie stars and form a friendship that can hardly be broken.

But when their dreams are eventually actualized, they soon realize that they want even something more from life.

29. The Prom 

Down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up a small Indiana town as they rally behind a teen who wants to go to the prom with her girlfriend.

28. Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Mentored by a mysterious tycoon, an ambitious young man faces a crisis when his rise to power draws him deep into the occult.

27.  Kasonova

After losing his wife, a single father indulges in flimsy flings — until meeting his son’s music teacher, who imparts a few lessons on love.

26. Bad Boys For Life

Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett join the Miami Police Department’s special team AMMO to bring down the ruthless Armando, who is on a mission to kill Mike at his mother Isabel’s orders

25.  Bloodshot

Ray Garrison, an elite soldier killed in battle, is resurrected and given superhuman abilities. As he sets out to get revenge, he uncovers secrets about his life and the people supposedly helping him.

24. Merry Men 2: Another Mission

Four men have stopped robbing the rich to give to the poor and now are focusing on running their businesses.

23. Your Excellency 

Chief Olalekan Ajadi, a bumbling, billionaire businessman and failed presidential candidate, is obsessed with Donald Trump.

Just when his campaign looks set to be another disaster, Ajadi is anointed by a major party and becomes a credible contender, all through the power of social media.

22. Elevator Baby

A wealthy young man and an underprivileged woman are trapped in an elevator as she goes into labour.

21. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 

Decades after his apprentice betrays him, a once joyful toy maker finds new hope when his bright young granddaughter appears on his doorstep.

20. A California Christmas 

With his carefree life on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land.

19.  Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush follows three sisters, Susie, Shola, and Bola, who think they have finally gotten a lucky break by finding $800m at the scene of a gruesome murder.

But unsurprisingly, their possession of this stolen money puts them in the paths of some very dangerous and influential people.

18. Operation Christmas Drop

Congressional aide Erica forgoes family Christmas to travel at her boss’s behest.

At a beachside Air Force base, she clashes with Capt. Andrew Jantz , who knows her assignment is finding reasons to defund the facility.

17. The Losers

The Losers are an elite black-ops team of United States Special Forces operatives, led by Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and formed by Roque (Idris Elba), Pooch (Columbus Short), Jensen (Chris Evans), and Cougar (Óscar Jaenada), who are sent to Bolivia on a search-and-destroy mission on a compound run by a drug lord.

16.  The Beast

Leonida Riva is a solitary war veteran who has spent years away from his family.

When his daughter,Teresa, is kidnapped, he rediscovers the anger and ferocity he thought he had buried in the past.

15. Mosul

After being rescued by an Iraqi SWAT team from an assault by insurgents, a policeman joins the team and is thrown into a world of secrecy and ceaseless, fierce fighting.

14. Enola Holmes

While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord

13. Cypher

An unsuspecting, disenchanted man finds himself working as a spy in the dangerous, high-stakes world of corporate espionage.

12. In Line

A convicted murderer is released from prison and reunites with his wife, who is plotting revenge against him after years of physical and emotional abuse.

11. Bronx

A loyal cop gets caught in the crosshairs of police corruption and warring gangs in Marseille, France, and takes matters into his own hands.

10.  Lara and the Beat

The Giwa sisters find themselves at the center of a financial scandal and must salvage their late parents’ media empire.

9. The Old Guard

A group of mercenaries, all centuries-old immortals with the ablity to heal themselves, discover someone is onto their secret, and they must fight to protect their freedom

8. Project Power 

A former soldier teams up with a cop to find the source behind a dangerous pill that provides temporary superpowers.

7. Blood Diamond

Solomon is abducted and forced to work in mines, where he finds a priceless diamond and hides it. When Danny learns of it, he promises to help him find his family in exchange for the diamond

6. The 2nd 

A Secret Service agent must save his son and the daughter of a Supreme Court justice from armed terrorists.

5. Coming From Insanity

An ambitious currency agent becomes determined to bring a talented counterfeiter to justice.

4. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with boyfriend Kevin, it’s up to her double, Princess Stacy, to get these star-crossed lovers back together.

3. Oloture

In Lagos, a journalist goes undercover as a prostitute to expose human trafficking and finds a world of exploited women and ruthless violence.

2. 365 Days

Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him.

1. Citation

A bright student in Nigeria takes on the academic establishment when she reports a popular professor who tried to rape her.

Taste Charts 

First up is the top 30 at a full glance, so you don’t get confused.

Taste Chart Based on Movies directed by Nigerians (Nollywood) 

Taste Chart based on Action Films


Taste Chart Based on Strong Black Leads

Taste Charts Based on Non-Comedy films 


In Summary 

The taste of Nigerian movie goers is quite complex and this charts proves this.

However, it is also delightful to see this list has 40% titles that are locally produced.

Not bad but can be better if the percentage is way above average.

Thank you for reading Covers the Business of Film and the Biggest movies that screen in Sub Saharan Africa.

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