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Thabiso Christopher Psych Drama ‘Prime’ Debuts On Netflix

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Prime, Thabiso Christopher’s psych drama is now streaming on Netflix.

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Written and directed by Thabisco Christopher, Prime is a psych drama film that tells the story of a young man, Marius.

When his father suddenly dies, Marius’s world is thrown upside down as past traumas come back to haunt him. Thembi is torn between her love for Marius and her fear of him losing his grip on reality, as the supernatural overcomes them both.

Starring Richard Gau, Nomsa Twala, Jasmine Hazi, Sharon Spiegel Wagner, Gérard Rudolf, Jack Farham, Michael Lawrence Potter, Llewellyn Cordier, Sizo Mahlangu, Xola Dukuza, Kevin Malaba, Marlene Ray Bartes, Joshua Bekker and Carol Ann Cockerill.

Prime is a micro-budget film produced from the partnership between Netflix and the National Film & Video Foundation of South Africa (NFVF). The feature was also screened at the 44th Durban International Film Festival on 24th and 30th July 2023.

Speaking on the making of the film Thabiso shares his journey so far.

He shares “Cinema is not just a medium. It’s life. I have had the great honour and pleasure of being backed by film lovers from @indigenousfilm and @nfvfsa to make Prime.

Because I am dedicated to making films as a Director, it’s been an incredible journey to get this film made. But I am only as capable as the incredible filmmakers who have made this film with me. Their hard work will be seen on Netflix”


National Film and Video Foundation South Africa signed a partnership with Netflix in 2021 to provide 100% funding to local filmmakers for the production of six micro-budget films.

In March 2021, the partnership was valued at R28 million with the agreement that both partners would contribute R14 million each for the production of local films, including an exclusive debut on Netflix.

This is to boost South Africa’s creative industry as it ensures a pipeline of six funded local films were categorized into two which are: 4 feature films with a budget of R4 million and two feature films with a budget of R6 million each.

To access the funding and support of the partnership, filmmakers were encouraged to apply in accordance with the eligibility criteria by visiting the website,za/

The psychological thriller Prime making its global release on Netflix in the first week of 2024 officially kicks off the fruit of this partnership that will no doubt serve as a template for other countries to emulate for its film industry.

Key Background

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is an agency of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture that was created to ensure the equitable growth of South Africa’s film and video industry. The NFVF does this by providing funding for the development, production, marketing, and distribution of films and the training and development of filmmakers.

In addition, the NFVF commissions research and produces industry statistics that provide both the public and stakeholders with valuable insights into the South African film industry.

Thabiso Christopher doubles the cap of a director as well as a writer who creates dramatic stories that deal with identity, race culture and other complex identity issues in a thrilling and cinematic way.

The Autuer got his break into South Africa’s film industry through the NFVF Youth Filmmakers project with the film Turning Sun in 2019.

He has since then written several produced feature films including Prime.

In Summary

African filmmakers have always had issues funding their films.

With initiatives like this, one can clearly see how the South African government is far ahead in terms of boosting and sustaining its creative industry with creative deals such as this.

With five more films expected, Netlifx’s library of diverse South African films continues to be exciting.

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