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Chimezie Imo Talks Auditioning For “Breath of Life” On His Birthday (EXCLUSIVE)

The Story⚡

How Saying “Yes” to a Last-Minute Audition Can Change Everything

In the wild and unpredictable world of entertainment, sometimes the most pivotal moments in our careers come down to a simple decision: to show up or not.

This is a personal story, a serendipitous tale of How Nigerian Actor Chimezie Imo took a chance on an audition and it paid off in ways one could never have imagined.

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A Nudge from the Universe

On January 7th, the day of my birth and the day of the audition, I experienced something out of the ordinary—a voice, as clear as day, telling me to go. Can you imagine that? On a day that was supposed to be about relaxation and joy, I received a directive pushing me towards an unknown destination.

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