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“The Morning After” Series Starring Amara Okereke Premieres Trailer, Set Prime Video Africa Debut

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The Morning After, an eight-part comedy series starring the rising British actor Amara Okereke finally has a release date. 

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Filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa, the show is produced by Paris-based Paradoxal and Cape Town-based Both Worlds, known for their previous collaboration on Recipes for Love and Murder. The series is co-produced by SWR, ARD FabFiction, and Prime Video Africa.

The Morning After follows 25-year-old Nina Morgan, a party girl from Birmingham, who wakes up naked on a beach in Cape Town, 6,000 miles from home. Rescued by a group of local misfits, Nina embarks on a journey of revenge.

Alongside Amara Okereke, the series features Gaosi Raditholo, Carmen Pretorius, Richard Gau, Tarryn Wyngaard, and Danica Jones. Created by Thierry Cassuto and Karen Jeynes, The Morning After received support from the South African Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition (DTIC) and financial backing from Natixis-Coficiné.

Key Background

Federation Studios, founded by Pascal Breton and co-led by Lionel Uzan and Marco Chimenz, represents a new wave of independent European studios. The company focuses on the creation, production, financing, and distribution of high-quality original productions for the global market. Federation Studios collaborates with top talents and partners worldwide to develop a robust distribution portfolio and a diverse array of premium international productions.

Since its inception ten years ago, Federation Studios has brought together 35 production companies across major cities, including Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin, Cologne, and Tel Aviv. The studio is active in drama, kids & family, documentary, and cinema, co-financing projects from the early stages and supporting partners throughout the creative process. Federation Studios’ strong distribution arm boasts a rich lineup of in-house and third-party premium content, featuring numerous award-winning and internationally successful projects.

Both Worlds Pictures, a prominent South African production company established in 1998, has built a strong reputation for delivering premium content across various genres, including comedy, drama, animation, documentaries, and feature films.

Their productions cater to both local and global audiences, exemplified by successes such as the internationally acclaimed satirical puppet news show, ZANews, which earned two International Emmy nominations. Additionally, their “Sunshine Noir murder mystery series, Recipes for Love and Murder, starring Maria Doyle Kennedy, has garnered widespread acclaim and is currently in production for its second season.

On the other hand, Paradoxal, based in Paris and founded in 2019 by Rémy Jacquelin, specializes in developing, financing, packaging, co-producing, and producing high-quality content for European broadcasters and international platforms.

The company has collaborated closely with Both Worlds, contributing to the success of Recipes for Love and Murder, and The Morning After. Paradoxal’s expertise in financing and co-production has been instrumental in bringing these projects to fruition, highlighting their strategic role in fostering creative partnerships across continents.

This collaboration underscores Federation Studios’ approach of partnering with top-tier international entities like Both Worlds and Paradoxal to expand its distribution portfolio and strengthen its presence in the global entertainment landscape. covers the big creators and players in the African film/TV industry and how they do business. 

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