Omo Ghetto The Saga Beats Endgame Domestic Box Office Record

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Omo ghetto the saga directed by Funke Akindele bello and JJC skills has officially beaten the domestic box office record of Avenger ‘s Endgame.

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 Released back in April 2019, Avenger’s endgame finished with a triple box office revenue of N528 Million.

Latest box office figures released by comScore shows that Omo Ghetto the saga still going strong in its 7 theatrical weekend has surpass the above revenue record by more N3 Million.

At it stands, Omo ghetto earned N18.05 million last weekend which snowballed its grossing figures to N531.13 Million.

Why does this matter

Every new day begins with possibilities and today is surely one of them.

This feat marks the beginning of Nollywood titles getting more patronage by existing and new consumers that pushes the industry to get more long term market share.

What Happens Next

The theatrical window of omo ghetto is still counting with cinema operators continuing to squeeze out tickets as much as possible before the demand finally falls flat

however, when that happens everyone is happy and the search for the next big thing revs up again.

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