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How Big is The Cinema Animation Audience in Nigeria?

Animation is big business, with consumers increasingly expecting higher-quality graphics, better visual effects and more immersive consumption experience for every new title

Angry Becky Series

According to Statistia, the global animation market is worth 259 billion U.S. dollars, and is expected to grow to 270 billion by 2020

Animated features often perform well at the box office, with films such as ‘Shrek’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Minions’ proving to be hits with children and adults alike across the globe

Disney’s “Frozen 2” is officially the highest-grossing animated movie in history

The sequel has generated $1.325 billion at the global box office, pushing past “Frozen” ($1.281 million) and “Incredibles 2” ($1.243 million) to secure the top spot

Disney’s has definitely sealed it’s place as the preeminent force on all things animation — the studio is now responsible for the top three biggest cartooned movie of all time

Here in Nigeria, no domestic feature-length animated title has made a Box Office Run

Only international titles backed with high-end budgets by big studios

The highest theatrical release  for such titles in 2019 goes to Frozen 2 with opening weekend figures of 12 Million Naira

Animated features have been known to open with very low gross figure earnings as compared to action, adventure or comedy international film titles that hit the big screens

Below are the Opening weekend figures and Gross total for Best performing Animated titles screened at the #NGNBoxOffice

10. Ugly

Opening Weekend Gross: N835, 543

Gross Total: N3.1 Million

Total Gross International: $31.4 Million

Release Month: June


9. Toy Story 4

Opening Weekend: N1.8 Million

Gross Total :N6.7 Million

Total Gross International: $1.07 Billion

Release Month: June

8. Secrets Life of Pets

Opening Weekend: N1.2 Million

Gross Total: N7.2 Million

Total Gross International: $429.4 Million

Release Month: June

7. Lego Movie 2

Opening Weekend: N1.6 Million

Total Gross: N8.8 Million

Total Gross International: $191.3 Million

Release Month:February

6. Wonder Park

Opening Weekend: N2.08 Million

Total Gross: N9.8 Million

Total Gross International: $119.6 Million

Release Month: March

5. Abominable

Opening Weekend: N1.7 Million

Total Gross: N10.10 Million

Total Gross International: $181.4 Million

Release Month: September


4. Angry Birds 2

Opening Weekend: N2.6 Million

Total Gross : N16.76 Million

Total Gross International: $154.6 Million

Release Month: August

3. How To Train Your Dragon

Opening Weekend: N3.6 Million

Total Gross : N19.71 Million

Total Gross International: $494.9 Million

Release Month: February

2. Spies In Disguise

Opening Weekend: N14.43 Million

Total Gross Est: N51.67 Million

Gross Figures International: $167.9 Million

Release Month: December

1. Frozen

Opening Week: N12 Million

Total Gross Est: N132 Million

Total Gross International: $1.4 Billion

Release Month: November

From our research so far, animation definitely has a huge demand in Nigeria but due to Pirates doing a laborious job of uploading the features free for downloads

This simple act has made ticket sales at the box office ridiculously low

Animation features  independently produced by domestic animators has been on the rise lately

Good story and Top-notch visuals executed with little or fewer funds  by these creators should be easily supported by government incentives and grants

But of course not, This is Nigeria.

We have to wait for foreigners to shine a light before state or federal ministry of government can see clearly

Hero Corps – Spoof Animation

Malika Warrior Queen – Youneek Studios X Anthill

Jagabaan – Lotusfly Animation


Angry Becky Series


Animators in the country are sure eyeing to do a feature title for the box office but due to high production cost with little or no guarantee ROI, access to funds is very much scarce

One day, this feature title will happen and it will be the start of unlocking the huge talent pool that we have in the country and more so propel them for international projects as it should be

Thank you for reading

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