Captivating Animation, “Ajaka: Lost in Rome”, Calls for Investment.

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Ajaka: Lost in Rome – A Captivating Animation Film Ignites Hope and Calls for Investment.

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Ajaka: Lost in Rome is a groundbreaking 10-minute animation film that recently held its highly anticipated screening in Ikoyi, Lagos. The main aim of the film screening is to seek investors to support its transformation into a feature-length masterpiece.


The event saw the presence of representatives of cinemas, major distributors and the state government in attendance. Also present were the incredibly talented crew behind Ajaka: Lost in Rome, including the visionary director, Ayodele Elegba. Attendees were enthralled by the unique narrative, delving into the untold story of Ajaka, the former king of the old Oyo empire, whose rivalry with his younger brother, Shango, had its consequences.


Ajaka, a king longing for constant peace, was considered weak by Shango, who cunningly usurped the throne.
Shango betrays Ajaka and exiles him from the Oyo empire, leaving him vulnerable and displaced. The film follows his extraordinary journey as Ajaka endures the horrors of slavery and eventually finds himself as a gladiator in the grandeur of Rome. Determined to return home, Ajaka fights valiantly, seeking a way back to Oyo.

The film mesmerizes audiences through its breathtaking animation, meticulously crafted characters, and a narrative that resonates with themes of resilience, love, brotherhood, and the unyielding pursuit of home. The immersive visuals transport viewers through the Yoruba and Roman culture and lifestyle through the rough roads of the old Oyo empire and the vibrant streets of ancient Rome.


“We are confident that the movie has the potential to capture a global audience and leave a lasting impact that will start conversations on identity, history and the power of the human spirit”, said the Director of the film and CEO of Spoof, Ayodele Elegba.

By investing in the feature-length adaptation, supporters will contribute to an extraordinary animation and play a crucial role in promoting African storytelling to the rest of the world.


Key Background

Spoof was founded based on the principle that Africa can make quality animations, so since 2016, Spoof has built a place that houses the best animation artists who have worked with clients from around the world since inception. Spoof is open for business and continually looks forward to pushing the boundaries of animation from Africa on a global scale.


In Summary

With the successful screening of the short film, the production team behind Ajaka: Lost in Rome is seeking passionate investors to help transform this remarkable story into a feature-length animation.

This expanded version of the film will delve deeper into the journey of Ajaka to Rome, further exploring the rich historical context and the universal themes it embodies.

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