DanBrown Collaborates With TikTok To Produce “3024”; A Futuristic African Animated Series

The Story

Nigerian Animator Dan Brown has spelt out what life will look in Lagos in the year 3024. 

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The creator’s imagination have been presented in the form of a short comedic series, made in collaboration with Tik Tok and is set in a futuristic African City Ekopolis.

It follows the story of a young man, who comes to Ekopolis and tries to etch out a living. As he tries to carve his path in the city, the city also tries to carve a path in him. 3024 is a lighthearted, effortlessly quirky and creative projection of what life in Africa could look like ten centuries from now.

The key voice cast for the 3024 animation series includes Dan Brown, Prince Soiprala, Tuonims Alabo,  and Vanessa Onu with music and sound from Masterkraft, Lorrdsky, & the DNA Twins.

Key Background

DanBrown is an animator and illustrator who started his career as a graphic designer and draws a lot of inspiration from Nigerian culture by finding the humor around him. He is the creator of the Webtoon Comic Series Deity.

He has a whole repertoire of skills and is involved in the entire creative process from idea generation, sound, audio, conversations, text, hook, jokes, background and the compilation of all these.

DanBrown’s first short animation on TikTok titled Moonmen was released in 2020 and he is now involved in the TikTok African Innovator Project.

The TikTok Africa Innovators Project

The TikTok Innovators project was started in 2022 with London-based Nigerian-born Fashion designer and singer Mowalola Ogunlesi.  The Innovator Project is built around the concept of identifying African creatives and innovators who are exporting their content globally. This year’s project includes DanBrown, LorrdSky and the DNA Twins with the two other sound creatives complementing DanBrown’s artistic & intellectual efforts to present his projections creatively.


In addition to the Innovators Project, TikTok also has the LevelUpAfrica  Program which gears towards supporting and enhancing the innovations of African intellectual creatives. Nigeria’s last LevelUpAfrica event was held at the Jewel Aida Event Centre in Lekki on the 3rd of November 2023

Interestingly enough, the event had a throwback Nollywood Y2K booth and a session that gave an insight into how Nollywood clips were being watched on TikTok. 

While referring to the #LevelUpAfrica Program, Bianca Sibiya, Head of Content Operations for Sub-Saharan Africa, reiterated that “TikTok #LevelUpAfrica aims to stand as Nigeria’s leading content creator education program.” 

LevelUpAfrica has a goal of equipping creative intellectuals with content support, product tools training, exclusive events, masterclasses, and brand & agency partnerships.

Like every Social  Media platform, TikTok is also an avenue for doing business and African creatives work hard to penetrate this market. In this case, DanBrown’s intellectual content has the stamp and blessing of the platform

The first question that comes to mind is how to get noticed by the platform. How mind-blowing and impressive does your content have to be to pull in such attention? 

With regards to the African Innovators Initiative, DanBrown describes CONSISTENCY as being important, he said ‘It  is one thing bringing out a creative idea today but can you also do it tomorrow and the day after continuously”

Productions that involve a collaboration of African creatives with social media platforms seem to be on an upward trend as earlier this year, we saw Milwaukee Bucks Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo collaborate with WHATSAPP for his Ugo: A Homecoming Story documentary which was released on YouTube.

In Summary 

TikTok could be a city-state on its own.

Its numbers are impressive, its viewers loyal, with its own unique demography and language. It is an entire market to be explored and it is collaborating with African Creatives.


3024 – A 9 part animated series in partnership with TikTok goes live starting April 14th. Follow me for all the drama, action and laughs. Music by @Lord Sky @Dna Twins @therealmasterkraft #AfricanInnovators #danbrowntheartist

♬ original sound – Danbrown

All  9 episodes of DanBrown’s “3024” can be found on his TikTok channel and Instagram page @danbrowntheartist

What next does the TikTok African Innovators Program have on its slate for us? We will keep you informed as soon as a new title is announced. 

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