Afriff 2023

Your Monday Guide To AFRIFF 2023

The Story⚡

The films scheduled for Monday viewing at the African International Film Festival

Monday Activities

Screen 1-5 ( Features, Documentaries, Showcases, Some Shorts)

Time (Screen 1-4)Screen 1Screen 2Screen 3Screen 4Screen 5
11:50 AM-1:25 PMPolygamous Business Of PleasurePolygamous Business Of PleasureBerlin Alexanderplatz (12PM-3:13PM)
1:35-3:45PMFinding OderaTembeleFinding OderaTembeleKanaani (1:35-3:45PM)
3:55-6:00PMOver The Bridge Triple AOver The Bridge Triple AMusic Is My Life (3:55PM-6:00PM)
6:10-7:35PMThis Your Lagos Newf FilmsThis Your Lagos This Your LagosSuper Wouman (6:10PM-7:40pm)
7:45-10PMAfamefuna Port-Au-PrinceAfamefuna Port-Au-PrinceDusty And Stone (7:45PM-10PM)


Twin Waters Screen 2 & 3 ( Shorts, Animation, Students Shorts)


We Have Rat (1:25-1:40PM) 

Nzu (1:45-2:00 PM) 

Siege (2:05-2:20PM) 

Ume – Breath (2:25-2:40PM) 

Gita Boy (2:45-3:00 PM) 

Full Circle (3:05-3:20PM)

Ebezina (3:25-3:40 PM) 

Pause For Reflection (3:45-4:05PM) 

Journey Mercies (4:10-4:30PM) 

Man and Masquerades (4:35-5:00PM) 


At Age 25 (5:35-6:00PM) 

Red Flag (6:10-6:40PM) 

Isa’s Dreams (6:50-7:30PM)

In Summary 

Explore captivating cultural landmarks at the African International Film Festival’s Monday lineup.

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