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Who’s The Boss Opens N10 Million amidst Corona Virus Panic

Who’s the boss movie from inkblot studios opened to an average N10 million-weekend figures at the NGN Box Office

Latest box office numbers revealed that the romantic movie which hit the cinemas February 28th opened in 57 locations and grossed N10,509,305

24 hours to the debut of this film, bad news struck

The federal ministry of health confirmed a coronavirus case in one of the major cinema market in the country – Lagos

This would the first case since the beginning of the outbreak in china

The news was met with different reactions

“oh well, we survived ebola, we will survive this one too”

“stupid government hian, they can’t do anything right”

This whole thing slaps different now. God safe us”

”guys let’s not panic. just take precautions, share facts and not rumors”

Lagos is an overcrowded state with business and traveling done on a daily basis, so if a case of the outbreak indeed happened

Then it’s something we all should be worried about – take precautions and not panic was the general conversations going on corporate companies and workplaces

How did Inkblot React?

What would you do if on the eve of your film debut, scary news hits your audiences and potentially discourages them to get tickets ??

The inkblot team could not really react as fast they could for it’s weekend debut but reacted a few days later with a poster all in a bid to counter the panic news and woo audiences indirectly

Desperate times call for desperate measures and it seems they did just that

Did it my catch attention? yes

Was it insensitive? a little bit

most importantly did it work? The 7-day box office figures would be the one to tell us

First time going solo

For the first time ever, the three-headed team at inkblot studio went solo – no external director

inkblot studios as noticed always collaborate or are being collaborated with, but things are quite different this time with one of it’s co-founder Naz Onuzo doubling as both writer and director on their latest film product – Who’s the boss

Though there is an undefined partnership with a bank-sponsored platform, we are quite curious to see if this new model does continue or they are simply better off with more director’s collaboration

China has shut down cinemas

As we speak, China has shut down all of it’s 70,000 cinemas across the country in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus which still has no cure yet

No time to die dates shifted

News reaching us says that the James bond franchise originally set to debut in April has moved to a new date of November 12th -the UK and 25th for worldwide release

Get Ready Distributors

The global box office faces a $2 billion shortfall — so far with movie studios really considering shifting release date as seen for the bond franchise who has already taken the bold move to avoid monumental losses

as we speak, no cinemas house has shut down in the nigeria and panic levels are pretty much low

if this continues domestic distributors such as Film One, Silverberd, genesis and blue pics might have to face a “what do we screen crisis”


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