“Folks at DC and Marvel don’t have 32 heads” – Micheal Balogun on Building Comics in Nigeria

Micheal “Balox” Olasubomi – GM Comic Republic

At SMW Lagos 2020, we caught up with Micheal Olasubomi Balogun who is the general manager as well as a title creator and digital artist for Comic republic

Comic Republic is a character-based online entertainment company that creates African superhero comic book

You should totally check them out after reading this post!

What comic titles has he worked on?

Michael has worked on creating his own title, Ireti Bidemi : a comic book which follows the story of an undergraduate studying at Ibadan University who uses the powers of an ancient warrior-queen to fight crime

Ireti by Comic Republic (All right reserved)

I had to write it myself with little or no experience in creating Comic titles- says Micheal

It was just me using the basic ideas I have seen on TV shows like Arrow and Flash etc of which i was a huge fan of those shows when they first premiered on TV and they were my foundation for setting up the background I wanted for Ireti but moving forward along the line I learned how to color and write properly.

Ireti is on it’s fourth issue now and it might be my best yet according to my readers, but personally I think my best is the third issue because it’s the issue that has all the action

 It’s been an amazing ride so far, ups and downs but it’s been good

Ireti by Comic Republic (All right reserved)

Why go into comics??

In this part of the world, we need a medium to tell fictional stories and I am very passionate about creating this medium

Then again i see Marvel, you see DC creating building their empire they don’t have 32 heads, they are human beings and they are getting these things done

They are getting it out there, selling them and making a business out of it.

People are earning money out of this

The top comic book artist in the United States, earn over $1500 per page and a standard comic book is about 22 – 25 pages

Ireti by Comic Republic (All right reserved)

Here in Nigeria, we don’t even earn close

but i believe personally that if we keep our heads straight, if we stay disciplined and we keep up hard work

We will surely get to the point where the comic book business will become a very lucrative form of earning money

How has it been so far?

Comic republic started with four guys and a lady (balox did not fail you this time) on a dining table at the founder’s house

It was just this group of people drawing casually, not knowing or having an idea of what they were doing

I was on a very long holiday then, so I had all the time in the world to just sit down, color comic books and improve on my skill

Martin, the CEO now was  drawing Guardian Prime then, Tobe and Ozo as well with their tablets creating characters

Then one day, we started seeing that there was a lot potential in this

So we decided to start taking this a lot more seriously

We said we need to take this to the next level

We need to make money from this, we need to turn this to a profitable business

It can be done and it is being done

The music industry started from somewhere and look at how far they have gone

Look at it today, they have serious interest from foreign artist who even wants to come down here for features

Working in comics has been tasking – it’s been difficult but because of the vision and goals set before me

I am not backing down anytime soon

Ireti by Comic Republic (All right reserved)

Before we let balox go, we asked him who would win between Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman

Watch his brilliant take below now

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