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What Happened in 2020 NGN Box Office ??

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2020 has been an eventful year here at the Nigerian Box office. From Movie reveals, the Covid 19 disrupt, record  smashers and of course movies that that were sadly postponed.

Here is a timeline of how it all happened.

Jan 11th – NFVCB stops sugar rush from showing in cinemas

Jan 24th – Sugar Rush is back and hits N211 million.

Jan 24th – legend of Inkpi opened N7.4 Million.

Feb 2nd – Bad boys 3 hit N107 million.

Feb 2nd – Merry men 2 hit N230 million.

Feb 9th – Birds of Prey nets N 15.66 million.

Feb 19th – DOD title reveals cast and time travel premise.

Feb 19th – Kambili announced for June debut

Feb 27th – 1st coronavirus case found in Nigeria.

Feb 28th – Who’s the boss opens N10.50 Million.  

March 8th – invincible man hits N6.5 million opening

March 8th – The photograph hits N 4.1 million opening

March 17th – Namaste Wahala title Postponed away from April.

March 19th – My spy crushes N17.66 million in 7 days

March 26th – Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot scores N15.74 opening weekend

March 26th – Unroyal sips N1.60 in 7 day run.

March 30th – Nationwide  Lockdown.

May 6th – La Femme Anjola reveals new teaser

August 11th – Lockdown Lifted

Sept 11th – Cinemas gets green light to re-open

Sep 13th –  Box office nets horrendous N6.9 Million 

Sept 20th – Lagos allows cinema operators to re-open

Sept 27th – Tenet fails at the box office. Domestic and worldwide

Oct 1st – First New Nollywood movie debuts – Toyin Abrahams Fate of Alakada

Oct 4th – Fate of Alakada hits N17.39 Million

Nov 13th – Rattlesnake TAS scores double digit opener , opens N13 Million

Dec 4th – First Nollywood Clash

Dec 4th – HBO Max reveals same day debut date for 2021 warner movies.

Dec 11th – 5 Nollywood movies clash opening weekend

Dec 11th – First Nigerian Animation makes a cinema run.

Dec 13th – Quams’s Money scores double digit opener, Nets N13 Million 

Dec 16th – Wonder Woman 1984 opens N32 million

Dec 25th – Omo Ghetto The saga sold out on Christmas Day

Dec 27th – Omo Ghetto The saga dominates end of the year B.O with N124 Million opener

and the finale: NGN Box Office rounds off with a N158 Million Theatrical weekend Cume – Record High pre and post lockdown

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