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Watch Filmmaker James Omokwe Fight Giant Whale in Death Stranding

Filmmaker James Omokwe is a film and game nerd from Nigeria. We took a quick trip to his house to kick some Giant Whale ass in the newly released Hideo Kojima game – Death Stranding!

Who’s this guy?

James Omokwe fell in love with movies in 1998 and, since then, harbored a desire to understand its inner workings with a view to making his own movie someday. Born in the UK on the 3rd of February 1984, he holds a B.A in creative arts obtained at the University of Lagos where he shot several short films in his spare time. Ultimately, James went on to study at New York Film Academy (NYFA) and acquired a diploma in Film Directing.

Initially an actor cast in Tope Idowu’s Shallow waters, Franca Browns’ ‘Serpent in Paradise’ and playing the role of ‘Chris Okereke’ in MNET’s soap opera, Tinsel, he garnered some experience that informs his current directing career.

Not long after completing his NYFA directing course in 2010, he started his own company called Studio84 Connect International and, in 2011, directed his first feature-length film, Awakening.

His creative use of simple, gritty footage amidst a clever premise established Omokwe as a fresh talent with a distinct vision, and this was further emphasized by Awakening’s 2013 AMAA nomination and “Best film category at the Amvca’s.

The movie which was released to the box office in 2013 which sadly made an underwhelming run

Ajoche is also one of his hit latest tv series on Africa magic which garnered large viewership in recent times

Originally from Arochukwu, Abia state, he now lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his family while developing his next feature film – We saw an exclusive

Would you give up video games for $1 Million Dollars?

Oh well, Asides from playing Death Stranding with James we asked this simple but terrifying question

At First look, it seems he gave a strong answer but nahh he faltered

Watch the Q and A session – Good Stuff!


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