Twitter Goes Wild After News of Bradley Cooper Split With Baby Mama.

News broke on the social space that famous actor Bradley cooper has split with his four years baby mama Irina Shayk . The model who is a Russian supermodel shares a child with bradley and according to different sources the relationship which was four years old had not being going so well.

credit: Mirror Celeb

Twitter fans on hearing the news immediately went wild as they shared content that implied that Lady Gaga will be happy with current state of things. Some even implied that the Oscars performance of both them singing Shallow a popular original soundtrack from A Star is Born movie where both stars played leading characters might have caused the split between Brad and Irina.

The following tweets below are nothing but funny nonsense as the cause of the split has been yet to be confirmed by concerned parties.


According to People magazine, the pair are currently on amicable terms, and are working out shared custody plans for their two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine.

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