TLG Capital Announces Film Investment Deal With Inkblot Productions

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 TLG Capital, a private credit investment firm that funds high-impact African businesses has entered a finance deal with Inkblot Productions.

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TLG Capital has announced its latest partnership with Inkblot production company in a bid to advance its mission to enhance the presence of African entertainment on the global stage.

The Nigerian production company, during the course of 11 years, has produced (jointly/independently) over 30 movies as of April 2024 and currently has an ongoing hybrid output/direct-to-streaming with prime video.

With acclaimed productions like The Wedding Party and the recent Netflix series Far from Home, Inkblot has been able to tell stories that delight local and global audiences. 

While specific details of the partnership remain confidential, Inkblot expressed their excitement about collaborating with TLG Capital, a key financing partner, to further integrate Inkblot Studios into the global film and television ecosystem. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in Inkblot’s journey and underscores TLG Capital’s commitment to supporting Inkblot’s strategic objectives. Together, they anticipate a fruitful partnership that will bolster Inkblot’s market presence and advance its goals in the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.

Zain Latif, Principal at the PE Firm, TLG Capital, speaking on the deal asserts:

“We’re not just financing films; we’re investing in the dreams of countless storytellers and the vast potential of Nollywood. This partnership reflects our belief in the transformative power of cinema and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for Inkblot and the Nigerian film industry at large”.

Key Background

TLG Capital stands as an acclaimed alternative asset management firm renowned for its exceptional performance in emerging markets. With a focus on safeguarding investors’ capital, the firm employs meticulous structuring and risk management strategies to mitigate potential losses in challenging market conditions, ensuring stability and confidence in its investment approach.

Distinguished by its ventures into unconventional assets, TLG Capital thrives in territories where few fund managers dare to tread. Continuously seeking out unique investment opportunities, the firm pioneers new asset classes and innovative investment structures, leading to a best-in-class performance track record unmatched in its field.

Moreover, TLG Capital is committed to capacity building, recognizing that robust commercial returns stem from fostering new capacities and unlocking untapped potential. Through strategic partnerships with entities such as a manufacturer of HIV medications serving 600,000 patients and a microfinance institution catering to 300,000 unbanked individuals, the firm is at the forefront of creating new avenues for growth and development in the markets it serves.


Foreign investment in the African entertainment industry is catalyzing growth and innovation across various sectors.

TLG Capital’s recent investment deal with Inkblot Productions highlights the increasing interest from international investors in African media ventures.

This trend is mirrored by other major players in the global entertainment industry, such as Netflix and Universal Music Group, who have made strategic investments in African content, music streaming platforms, and local subsidiaries. These investments not only provide financial support to African creatives but also facilitate the global dissemination of African culture and talent. 

This is good news for African Film Executives,. their efforts on the business side of things seems to be on the right track.

In Summary 

The landscape for the globalisation and representation of African talent is shaping up nicely.

With financing deals like this, one can map out the maturity of the Nigerian film industry and hope for new possibilities never imagined

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