“Iyanu: Child of Wonder” Animated Series Release First Look Images, Confirms Voice Casting are Nigerian

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As the world eagerly awaits the debut of this groundbreaking series, one thing is clear: IYANU is ticking off the right boxes.

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During a panel by Lion Forge Entertainment that shows an exclusive first look at ‘Iyanu’ The Animated Series coming to Cartoon Network official. The series which was greenlit in 2022 is Based on the “Iyanu: Child of Wonder” graphic novel series created by Roye Okupe (YouNeek Studios) and Dark Horse Comics, with the story inspired by West African Yoruba culture.

Veteran animation writer and producer Kerri Grant is on board the project with ‘Okupe as an Executive Producer, a Writer and a Director on the series.

On the panel, he shares, “Having authentic Nigerian voice actors from Nollywood was crucial for me. On a show about Nigeria for a global audience, it was vital to have Nigerians sounding like themselves, not Americans attempting an accent”

First Looks

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The team behind IYANU shared their journey of bringing the world of the graphic novel to the screen! Guests: Roye Okupe, Kerri Grant, Dawud Anyabwile, and Karama Horne

Key Background

Lion Forge Entertainment announced back in October 2023 that it has set a first-look deal with award-winning Nigerian creator and producer Roye Okupe, founder of YouNeek Studios and creator of the YouNeek YouNiverse.

Okupe and Lion Forge are currently working together on the animated fantasy series Iyanu (Max / Cartoon Network), based on Okupe/YouNeek Studios’ and Dark Horse Comics’ award-winning graphic novel Iyanu: Child of Wonder.

“Roye Okupe’s incredible talent as a creator, writer and director is a testament to his dedication to storytelling that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds,” says David Steward II, Founder & CEO of Lion Forge Entertainment. “His creative vision aligns seamlessly with Lion Forge’s mission to offer diverse, culturally rich narratives that allow children to see themselves represented on screen. We are honoured to embark on this journey with Roye and explore the boundless potential of the YouNeek YouNiverse.”

Under the deal, Lion Forge will adapt Okupe’s bestselling graphic novels (published through Dark Horse Comics) for TV, film and games, including Malika: Warrior QueenE.X.O. – The Legend of Wale WilliamsWindMaker and The Oloris. Okupe will also collaborate on Lion Forge’s own original projects as a developer, writer and/or director for the studio. The partnership also expands Lion Forge’s Iyanu rights to include live action.

“I am delighted to call Lion Forge Entertainment my creative home.

They have shown unwavering support for my vision of Iyanu and the YouNeek YouNiverse, and I am eager to work closely with them on bringing these stories to life,” says Okupe. “This partnership not only strengthens our commitment to authentically represent Nigerian and African stories but also opens the door to new, original projects within the YouNeek YouNiverse and Lion Forge’s exciting originals. Together, we aim to make a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.”

In Summary 

Production is currently underway on the Iyanu animated series. Lion Forge introduced the project to global distributors at MIPCOM last year, offering a look into Iyanu’s captivating world as an epic superhero tale steeped in Nigerian culture, music and mythology.

Hopefully, a 2024 release is locked in both on the continent and globally, as Nigerian stories and talent go global to shape future possibilities.

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