Nigerian Political Thriller “The Specialists” Starring Sam Dede, Baaj Adebule Wraps Production

The Story⚡

The Specialist is a political thriller that explores the intricate web of politics, power and deception.

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The feature film, The Specialists is written by Emil Garuba (Road to Yesterday and Lion Heart) and directed by Paul Olalekan for Afrigos Film and  El-Sueno Films Inc., Canada.

The plot tells the tale of  Diana, a top political fixer, who is hired by a senatorial candidate to ruin his opponent but the plan spins out of control in a deadly game of deception. The feature-length title promises to be a gripping Nigerian feature film that delves into the dark world of political manipulation, deceit, and high-stakes power struggles.

Starring Francis Duru, Sam Dede, Bimbo Akintola, Baaj Adebule, Preach Bassey, Mbasiti Julius, Maria Ugbashi and a host of others.

On his Instagram page, the producer, Paul Olalekan emphasized that lovers of films like The Set-Up, Ocean’s Eleven, Merry Men and The Sting will love The Specialists. It’s a different kind of Thriller that mashes up different sub-genres: the Heist Thriller, the Political Thriller, and the Action/Crime Thriller with a strong female lead and a collection of interesting supporting characters- he added.

The Specialists began production on 28th March 2024 with Ayo Donlad love as director of photography.

Key Background

Paulgold Olalekan Joseph is an excellent leader who has led several teams to achieve great things within the humanitarian sector as well as the film and television industry. A media consultant of international repute, an expert communication executive, filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur and most importantly; a lover of God and man who is radically sold out to humanity and Development.

Paulgold is the Chief Executive Officer of Afrigos Film and Media Academy, a leading film school in Abuja with state-of-the-art gadgets, experienced tutors, an intensive curriculum, and a conducive environment.

In Summary

What perspective the new title brings as a political thriller is what makes this title anticipated. The film invites audiences around the world to reflect on the complex interplay between ambition, ethics, and the pursuit of power—a theme deeply embedded in Nigeria’s socio-political fabric..

We are keeping track of the release official date and whether the title will head to the box office or made available on streaming platforms.

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