The Challenges of Nigeria’s Cinema Culture in the Face of Economic Difficulties

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In the battle between streaming and theatrical releases, some Nigerian films are taking a chance on the big screen. Will this boost our cinema culture and box office potential?

Akintunde Damilare, Founding partner of SHOCK discussed the following topics in a recent interview on Arise news

 The complex decision-making process behind choosing between exclusive streaming releases and theatrical releases for Nigerian films, and how it impacts both the audience and the industry.

This interview also emphasizes the significance of ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ as the first Nigerian film to gross over 1 billion naira at the box office, and how it has reshaped the perception of the potential of theatrical releases in the country

Our founding partner also underscores the unique and engaging experience of watching films on the big screen, particularly when it comes to films with strong subject matter, and how it differs from streaming alone at home.

Also addressed are the challenges faced by Nigeria’s cinema culture due to economic difficulties and how it affects the decision-making process of audiences when it comes to choosing between watching a film in theatres or waiting for it to be available on streaming platforms.

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