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Murder on Space X: Guguru Media Partners with Genti Media to Produce Voice Acting Drama

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Talent Management Agency, Guguru Media and Genti Media have announced the first-of-its-kind voice-acting drama.

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Murder On Space X is a voice-acting series scheduled to happen live on X (Twitter) space.

Written by Toye Ogunwole and creatively developed by Mautin Tairu who also serves as a co-writer, the project is a compelling and immersive family drama through voice acting.

Scripted to happen live on X(Twitter) space, to capture audience attention, this scripted drama will provide Nollywood audiences, casting directors, and producers with real-time voice acting experience. This immersive experience will provide Nigerian cinephiles exclusive access to the creative ingenuity of the talents.

Murder On Space X is a murder mystery family drama. The plots unfold as the story of the dysfunctional Chief Macaulay’s family with each member of the family nursing their vendettas, Mr. Jude’s fate hangs in the balance. As dinner unfolds, a deadly scheme reaches its climax, leaving everyone in the family a suspect in the mystery of his demise.

The burning question remains: What is their motive & who holds the key to Mr. Jude’s final moments?

The voice acting will feature Guguru Media’s reputable talents: Jude Chukwuka as Chief Jude Macaulay, Onajite Dede as Mrs. Macaulay, Obiese Maduegbuna as Obi, Sharon Rotimi as Sharon, Kanyinsola Eros as Kanyin, and Iremide Adeoye as Mide.

This experience will provide an enthralling and captivating voice-acting experience to audiences.

A pilot episode of Murder on Space X has been scheduled for an undisclosed date in May 2024. This pilot episode will provide a ground to test-run the viability of continuing the drama series that intends to go on for a while.

More details later.

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