Seven Reasons Why Game Developers Should Watch Raising Kratos Documentary

Santa Monica Studio's development of God of War for PlayStation 4.

If you are a game developer or an aspiring one, then we absolutely recommend you watch this feature length documentary. Sony published a new documentary called “Raising Kratos” three days ago, and it gives  a look behind the scenes at the development of God of War.

Here are seven reasons why you should watch this documentary especially if you are considering being a game developer or already one.

Development Details: Right from the onset, you could see that there is alot that goes into developing a video game which is much more than coding, graphics or voice acting. watching through the documentary you get see every details that was considered in the creation of god of war.

Studio sneak peak: Space is the ultimate necessity for making a game as it totally determines how the pace of the development of the game goes which in turn determines how deadlines set by executives are met. work flow structure is very key to creatives and you could see how they structured their studio environment

Filming techniques: 3D and VFX filming shown in the documentary helps you how advanced the filming techniques were used in the development of the game. sometimes this requires collaboration with filmmakers who shoot action and special effects films. how that collaborative efforts work is shown in the film

Worries and Fear: Developing a game is never  low budget affair which means there is big money involved, hence there is a lot of pressure on the game developers especially the directors of the studio to make sure this game is  not total BS which means anytime there is a progress report meeting where current state of things are shown ,there is a fear or worry that this game will be cancelled ,which means no games, which indirectly means no jobs. but with documentary you could see how they able to handle it and stay on top of their game.

Team Effort: Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems. Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. By working together which the documentary emphasizes on , you could see how the teams find the solutions that work best and watching this as game developer you could pick a thing or two to learn.

Life as a game developer: The documentary gives a candid detail of how your life looks like at work if you become a game developer.


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