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Sindi Dlathu and Linda Mtoba Set to Lead Cast in BET Africa’s Telenovela “Queendom”

The Story

Sindi Dlathu, known for her role as Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana in The River, and Linda Mtoba, recognized as Nomonde Dikana in the same series, are teaming up once again for in New BET Africa’s  Daily Drama Series Queendom


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Sindi Dlathu and Linda Mtoba are set to portray a mother-daughter duo in an upcoming telenovela produced by Clive Morris Productions called Queendom In the series, Mtoba will play Nthandokayise Mthombeni, while Dlathu will portray Tholakele Mthombeni.

Queendom unveils the tale of a mother who bore a child with a prince, only for the secret to resurface years later. As the truth emerges, it unveils that their daughter stands as an heir to the throne. Yet, the question looms: will she strive to claim her rightful position within the royal family?

The show also reunites Mtoba with her former Isibaya co-star Pallance Dladla, who plays Prince Mcebo Khahlamba. The cast boasts other talented actors such as Hamilton Dlamini, Mduduzi Mabaso, and Dawn Thandeka King. Musician and actor Sjava has joined the cast as Prince Mkhuseli Khahlamba and has recorded the theme song, “Wena Wamanzi.”.

Andries Van Der Merwe serves as the Head Director, alongside Athi Patela and Menga Nhlabathi as the Series Directors. Lunga Radebe takes the helm as the Head Writer, with Chuck Manganyi assuming the role of Director of Photography.

Sayitsheni Mdakhi is credited as the showrunner, orchestrating the behind-the-scenes workings of the production.


Key Background

BET Africa, a branch of the renowned Black Entertainment Television (BET) network, has played a pivotal role in shaping African television by elevating indigenous voices and narratives. Through strategic partnerships with local producers, production houses, and talent, BET Africa has fostered a diverse array of captivating shows spanning various genres.

Notable among these is the groundbreaking drama Isono, which marks BET’s first original series. Set against the backdrop of South Africa, Isono delves into the complexities of characters entangled in secrets, betrayal, and redemption. Additionally, Redemption offers another compelling narrative, exploring the threats to a lavish lifestyle built upon secrets and scandal within a family torn by internal conflict.

Complementing these dramas is the celebrity interview show Behind the Story, hosted by Nomalanga Shozi. These programs, among others in the BET Africa lineup, have not only resonated with local viewers but have also garnered international recognition for their excellence and cultural significance, solidifying BET Africa’s position as a driving force in African entertainment.


The success and acclaim garnered by BET Africa’s original shows  not only contribute to the network’s standing in the entertainment industry but also serve as a source of inspiration for emerging talents across the continent.

Aspiring filmmakers and content creators may look to these shows as examples of high-quality production, compelling storytelling, and authentic representation of African narratives. The visibility and recognition afforded to these original programs can motivate budding creatives to pursue their own projects, knowing that there is a platform willing to support and showcase their work.

In this way, BET Africa’s influence extends beyond its immediate audience to shape the future landscape of African television and film, fostering a new generation of storytellers who are empowered to share their voices and perspectives with the world.

In Summary

Queendom is scheduled to premiere on April 22nd at 18:30 (UTC+2), with a repeat airing at 21:30 (UTC+2) on BET Africa.

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