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Nigerian Project “Fantastic Tale” Wins Red Sea Production Award

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Nigerian Project ‘Fantastic Tale’ has been announced as one of the winning projects in this year’s edition of the Red Sea Lodge. 

The project which competed in the Souk market of the Red Sea International Film Festival competed with other selected projects from the Saudi, Arab and African region was announced winner by the International jury of the Souk Market.


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The Lodge residency program, presented by Red Sea Labs in collaboration with TorinoFilmLab, selected 12 outstanding Saudi, Arab, and African feature film projects for an intensive 10-month program.

Among them, “Fantastic Tale,” a Conceptified Media and African film company production, Written by Kenyan Director Vincho Nchogu, and Produced by award-winning Producer Josh Olaoluwa.

Fantastic Tale, a story of Sweetie, an eccentric child who repairs an old boat and sails down a perilous Lagoon determined to catch a mystical pink fish that can make him wealthy enough to bring his sister home, is going to be the first feature film of the Director.

The Lodge provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers, including writers, directors, and producers, to collaborate and develop their projects under the mentorship of seasoned filmmakers from across the world.

Lodge Awards

For filmmakers on the cusp of their big break, the Red Sea Lodge, in partnership with TorinoFilmLab, selects projects for creative and professional mentorship, development, and next-level industry opportunities.

In 2023, the Lodge expanded over ten months and five workshops to give creatives a broad overview and strong grounding to explore your project’s full dramatic and production potential.

Mentored by a Head of Script Development and Head of Production, with guidance from specialists across the industry. Alongside ongoing script development sessions, the program also features a producer coaching program and covers professional development, production, financing, sales, and marketing.

During the workshop, participants also have the opportunity to work with internationally experienced professionals from the fields of directing, cinematography, sound
editing, post-production, and sales.

Following development and meetings with industry professionals, winners share a pot of $200,000 in cash prizes, based on merit.

See the awards announced during the Festival with each receiving a 50,000 USD Red Sea Souk Production Award for a Red Sea Lodge project

Winner: BY HASNAA’S SIDE by Amaal Youssif

Winner: FANTASTIC TALE by Vincho Nchogu

Winner: BLACK SNAKE by Naishe Nyamubaya


In Summary 

Red Sea Labs is dedicated to nurturing and enhancing the skills of individuals with distinct viewpoints in the realms of film and episodic storytelling. Their programs support talent development throughout the creative journey.

Fantastic Tale by Josh Olaolu, Vincho Nchogu having won this $50,000 for production support, will go ahead to raise the complete funds to commence principal photography and casting updates will be shared in time.

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