Nigeria’s Call of Duty Mobile Community Gets a Major Boost with Local Servers

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The introduction of dedicated servers for Call of Duty Mobile in Nigeria marks a significant milestone in the gaming landscape of the country. This development is poised to substantially enhance the gaming experience for Nigerian players of this globally popular title.


Call of Duty Mobile Local Servers in Nigeria

In the earlier days, I remembered how much we all were complaining about our MS which was from 70ms to as high as 140ms and more. Other gamers in other continents had good MS (10ms -30ms) and we were all looking forward to this day.

I logged in now to confirm this again and you can see the ms less than 50 as seen below;

Cod mobile servers in Nigeria

Some of the benefits of having our own local servers can be seen below;

Enhanced Connectivity and Reduced Latency

One of the primary benefits of having local servers is the significant reduction in latency. Prior to this, Nigerian Call of Duty gamers often had to connect to servers located in distant regions, which resulted in high ping times and lag.

This not only marred the gameplay experience but also put Nigerian players at a competitive disadvantage. With servers now in Nigeria, players can enjoy smoother, more responsive gameplay, which is crucial in a fast-paced game like Call of Duty Mobile.

Growing the Gaming Community

The presence of local servers is a strong indication of the growing importance of the Nigerian gaming market. It is no surprise that there are several Call of Duty mobile communities in Nigeria. It acknowledges the presence and significance of Nigerian Call of Duty mobile gamers in the global arena.

This can lead to a surge in the number of players, as more individuals are likely to take up gaming, knowing they can enjoy a better playing experience. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of community among local players, encouraging more in-country Call of Duty mobile tournaments and gaming events.

Improved Fair Play and Security

Local servers can offer improved security and fair play. With server management closer to home, issues like cheating and hacking can be addressed more efficiently, ensuring a fairer gaming environment. This is particularly important in competitive play, where the integrity of the game is paramount.

However, despite these benefits, there are challenges to consider.

The maintenance of these servers and ensuring consistent high-quality service are essential. Moreover, there is the question of scalability, as the Nigerian Call of Duty gaming community grows and the demand for servers increases.


In conclusion, the introduction of Call of Duty Mobile servers in Nigeria is a watershed moment for the gaming community.

It promises an enhanced gameplay experience, community growth and improved security. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, this development positions Nigeria as a significant player in the global mobile gaming industry, with potential for further growth and innovation.

Happy gaming experience soldier, no more excuses!!

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