James Amuta’s Neo Noir Feature “Black Harvest” Kicks Off Principal Photography

The Story ⚡

“Black Harvest” written and directed by James Amuta has begun filming in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tell Me More 

With its suspense-filled story and complicated characters, Black harvest is a neo-noir drama written and directed by James Amuta.

The title revolves around a group of hostages who are held in a kidnap-for-ransom situation by what seems to be a terror group. But unbeknownst to the hostages, and even their captors, they are all equal victims of an illegal organ trafficking cartel – No one and nothing is as they appear.

Who’s in it? 

In leading key roles, Black harvest features top Nollywood acts Kelechi Udegbe, Elvina Baby Ibru, Greg ‘Teddy Bear’ Ojefua, Michael Pankyes John, Lavinna Verma, and Tope Olowoniyan.

The film is guaranteed to be a riveting watch as it brings to the screen gripping tales of what hostages face when in captivity and how dark the minds of killers operate.

Producer James Amuta who worked on several critically acclaimed projects such as “Blood sisters”, “Collision course”, “Oloture” exclusively shares with SHOCK that the title is a festival of mayhem – a marriage of grit and creativity; consummated on the altar of creativity and collaborative excellence.

“So, working on this project has been a test of how far creatives can stretch their imagination. It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before and I’m honoured to have had such a stellar team come together to make this world come to life.

We had a running joke on the set, where Ade Oshin, my First Assistant Director would say to me ‘James, we’re not making this film – this film is making itself – and that, for me, was a new territory, where you just let the story possess your soul, stirring you in directions that leave you wondering how anyone could have thought of something this dark”

The neo-noir title is Executive Produced by Amaka Samuel-Okon, Yemisi Bokinni and Elvina Ibru credits as associate producer.

Producer: James Amuta and Amaka Samuel Okon

Director: James Amuta

Written by: James Amuta

First Assistant Director: Ade Oshin

Director of Photography: James Amuta

Editor: Chuka Ejorh

Lighting Designer/ Gaffer: Godwin Lawani

Production Designer: Adekunle Blue

Art Director: Miriam Nwosah

Costume Designer: Faith Edijo

Special Effects: Carina Ojoko, Francisca Otaigbe

Hair: Kodaolu Abosede

Makeup: Balogun Abiodun

Grip: Babatunde Akinniyi

Script Supervisor: Joan Inegbe

Cinematographers: James Amuta, Henry Young

First AC\ Focus Puller: Henry Young

Production Manager: Friday Odey

Sound Recordist: Oluwafemi Adeleke

Post Production Partner: Blink Studios

Release Date

Black harvest is expected to release either on the big screen or direct to streaming from 2023.

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