How To Watch Sony’s PS5 Big Reveal

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The big guys at Sony today will finally reveal everything about the new Playstation 5 architecture

The upcoming gadget is expected to have improved graphics and an updated method of handling storage- a new solid-state drive is meant to make games boot up faster and to reduce loading times.

The PS5 is also getting a new controller that’ll adopt haptic feedback to replace the older “rumble” sensation.

 How much will the console cost?

The PlayStation 4, released in 2014, launched at $399 while the PlayStation 4 Pro also launched at that price point in 2016.

The PS3 launched in 2006. And while it found its footing after a poor start, it’s widely regarded as the least successful of all of Sony’s home console efforts.

A big reason for this was its price at launch. In the US, the PS3 price was $599

So, For PS5 our best guess for the price is – $599 -$699

How to watch the PS5 reveal?

Sony will air the PS5 video at 12 p.m. ET (17:00 WAT) Wednesday at the PlayStation Blog 

Live stream on Twitch, Youtube Channels and Twitter would also take place, but links will be posted on our Twitter account @shockng when it’s available

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