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“DOD” Time Travel Movie – Plot, Cast Ensemble and Everything We Know!

Release Date Now - October 30th

 DOD movie is a thrilling adventure of Chidi and Rotimi, teenagers who get a magical chance to travel back in time and change their broke parents’ past

 The picture is Written/Directed by the duo Akay Mason and Abosi Ogba.

The film was originally set to debut in July but rescheduled due to the global pandemic.

confirmed date now  – October 3oth

The time travel family adventure movie is produced by Anthill studio with Inkblot and Anakle as partners.

Cast List 

Toyin Abraham

Jide Kosoko

Blossom Chukwujekwu

Broda Shaggi

Ireti Doyle

Olumide Oworu

Denola Grey

Inidima Okojie

Deyemi Okolawon

Norbert Young

Gbemi Akinlade


Hot Take

Denola Grey – Actor, model, and fashion influencer has been known to play one or two basic roles for big-screen films as well as TV/Web series but this time he plays the lead role character – Rotimi

Denola Grey – Instagram

Denola’s appearance on big screen films is always short with audiences just getting a less than 5 mins uneventful depth of his acting skills

This might change as he takes the lead with more screen time in which we are all eager well to see how well he interpret this character that has to go on a time travel adventure

Gbemi Akinlade

This young actor will be making her first-time appearance on the big screens

From the little bit of performance in a web series we previewed, she might just be the next young star for Nollywood

Gbemi Akinlade Instagram

Tega (Internet comedian)

You might have missed the name OG TEGA on the cast list, but nope. We didn’t miss it

You remember the guy that gets slapped in skits we watched in the early era of Instagram comedy videos –Ade

Yup, his name is Tega and he got cast in the DOD movie – very very strategic we must say.

Though we don’t know the full nature of his character yet,  but we have a feeling he will be the one to make us laugh

Olumide Oworu

Olumide has been flying under our radar featuring on TV shows. A quick run-through of his Instagram page shows that he has been around long enough but hasn’t made a big-screen debut yet

DOD gives him this opportunity with a leading role as he plays CHIDI and we hope he delivers

Nobert Young and Ireti Doyle – Both will play the parents whose lives and destinies will be changed by time distorting consequences

Nobert Young and Ireti Doyle

The reveal of the cast, crew and plot details of this movie points to the fact that the big guy at anthill studios – Niyi Akinmolayan is taking a huge bet on young, bold and talented Nigerian creatives – New Voices

Akay Mason/Abosi Ogba

Which we definitely hope that they put in their best on all sides

Writer/Directors Akay Mason and Abosi Ogba also have an enormous task set right before them – The DOD time travel movie has an opportunity to unlock the existing Fantasy/Adventure domestic audience in Nigeria

Release Date has been announced – October 30th


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