BRS Studios Unveiled By Filmmaking Trio: Joy Odiete, Ramsey Nouah and Chris Odeh

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BRS Studios has been launched with the endgame of revolutionising African filmmaking by creating exceptional stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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Joy Odiete, Ramsey Nouah and Chris Odeh have officially launched an SPV Venture To Produce Films With Scale. The venture named “BRS Studios” is coined from the companies: Blue Pictures Distribution, Ramsey Films and Sozo Films.

Sozo Films: Renowned for its innovative approach to film production and management.

Ramsey Films: Focuses on authentic and creative storytelling.

Blue Pictures Film Distribution: A leader in the Nigerian film industry, Nigeria’s premier destination for theatrical, streaming and all other levels of distribution.

This SPV is not a merger of the 3 companies and will only function for special projects soon to be announced.

In a statement shared by the group, the SPV launch is aimed at raising the bar in the filmmaking process by scaling up all the components of the value chain, creating new, innovative and solid structures to ensure sustainability and lastly, inspiring Nollywood and African Filmmaking to the next level.

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This trio recently collaborated on the yet-to-be-released blockbuster TOKUNBO which is being teased as a Netflix Branded title with a 2024 release date in view.

BRS Studios will be partnering with other major studios in the global creative space and more details on its first project will be revealed before the end of the year.

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