Romantic Comedy Series “On Different Grounds” Directed By Mildred Okwo Drops First Look Image

The Story

Mildred Okwo’s On Different Grounds is currently in production, marking her return to directing after a hiatus.

Tell Me More

On Different Grounds is a comedy series directed by the acclaimed Mildred Okwo, with Nicole Ndigwe-Kalu serving as producer and executive producer, and Daniel Ehimen as the Director of Photography.

Written by Nicole Ndigwe-Kalu, Temitope Bolade Akinbode, and Diche Enunwa, the series boasts an impressive lineup of talented actors that includes Nollywood veteran Bob Manuel Udokwu, Jennifer Eliogu, Uche Jombo, Ifeanyi Kalu, Vineet Raina, Ebele Okaro, Egemba Chinonso (Aproko Doctor), Maggie Osuome, Abena Akuaba, Nimesh Diliprai, Uche Montana, Fadekemi Olumide, Ocee Mbadiwe, and Ozee Mbadiwe.

While the plot remains under wraps, this stellar cast promises a vibrant and entertaining viewing experience.

Key Background

Mildred Okwo is a distinguished Nigerian film director and producer whose work has garnered numerous prestigious awards across Africa, including AMVCA, AMAA, NMA, and the “Publix du Prix” at Nollywood Paris.

Transitioning from a career as a litigation lawyer in Los Angeles, Okwo made a significant impact on the Nigerian film industry with her 2012 hit The Meeting, which became one of the top box-office successes of the year and set a high standard for Nollywood productions. Her directorial debut, 30 Days, released in 2005, earned nine AMAA nominations. 


In On Different Grounds, Mildred Okwo brings her signature directorial flair to the forefront, weaving a narrative tapestry that blends humour, drama, and social commentary with finesse. Drawing from her acclaimed works such as The Meeting and 30 Days, Okwo demonstrates her adeptness at crafting compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

With this latest project, Okwo continues to push boundaries and explore new thematic territories, promising an engaging viewing experience that showcases her unique cinematic vision and storytelling prowess.

In Summary 

Further details regarding On Different Grounds will be revealed in the near future.

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