Black Mic Mac To Co-Produce Expansive Slate of 12 Titles From African Directors

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Logical Pictures has launched a new African venture that will see the production, financing and distribution outfit expand its global footprint into the fast-growing African market.

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Nigerian Afrobeat megastar Burna Boy and rising South African filmmaker Mandla Dube are among the prominent names headlining the new slate from Black Mic Mac, the production banner launched last year by industry veteran Pape Boye and Logical Pictures.

This banner aims to champion African and Middle Eastern talent, featuring close to a dozen films and television series from both emerging and established voices. “I’m so proud to work with so many different filmmakers all over the continent, and to continue to try to discover talent who want to entertain the world,” Boye said, reflecting the diverse and dynamic storytelling coming from the region.

Leading the slate, Burna Boy is set to executive produce “Three Cold Dishes,” a thriller by director Asurf Oluseyi about three teenagers sold into the sex trade who reunite 13 years later to seek revenge. The film is co-produced by Black Mic Mac and Burna Boy’s Spaceship Films.

Additionally, Mandla Dube, known for his work on “Silverton Siege,” is developing the occult crime-thriller series “The Devil Inside,” which explores a detective’s struggle with a series of murders and child abductions in a small town.

Other notable projects include Ishaya Bako’s comedy “The Three Rascals,” Loukman Ali’s action movie “Apophenia,” and several other films and series that highlight the breadth of African creativity. This ambitious slate positions Black Mic Mac and Logical Pictures to become significant players in the African film market, supporting a diverse range of compelling narratives.

Key Background

Launched in 2016, the Logical Pictures Group has swiftly become a leading force in film and TV equity, producing, financing, and distributing a diverse array of content both in France and internationally.

The group’s strategic investments in film banners such as Pulsar Content and Jokers Films have bolstered its influence, with 11 films featured at this year’s Cannes Festival, including three Palme d’Or contenders: Jacques Audiard’s “Emilia Perez,” Kirill Serebrennikov’s “Limonov, the Ballad,” and Paolo Sorrentino’s “Parthenope.” The group’s leadership includes Frédéric Fiore, production and sales veteran Pape Boye, seasoned producer Sarah Aknine, Logical Content Ventures managing director Louis Ladreyt, and head of development and acquisitions Nicola Ofoego.

Central to Logical Pictures’ Africa strategy is the establishment of the Logical African Stories fund, aimed at investing in content, production and distribution companies, physical facilities, and fundraising for third-party projects. The group plans to develop original films and TV series while offering production services and ramping up distribution efforts through the aggregation of TV and SVOD rights for African buyers.

By focusing on six key African territories—Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya—the group aims to tap into the continent’s burgeoning creative industries. This year, the group is set to kickstart fundraising for the Logical African Stories fund, with 18 films and TV series already in development.

Fiore emphasizes that Logical Pictures Africa offers both an economic upside for investors and a significant positive impact on the African content ecosystem, reflecting a growing global appetite for dynamic and universal stories from the continent.


The upcoming slate from Black Mic Mac, featuring twelve new titles from acclaimed African directors, is poised to make a significant impact on the African film industry and its global perception. This initiative not only highlights the diverse storytelling capabilities of African filmmakers but also underscores the potential for African cinema to gain a stronger foothold in the international market.

By co-producing films with renowned directors such as Asurf Oluseyi, Ishaya Bako, Sofia Alaoui, Loukman Ali, and Jean Luc Herbulot, Black Mic Mac is championing the rich cultural narratives and unique perspectives that African filmmakers bring to the table.

The influence of this expansive slate extends beyond mere entertainment. It serves as a platform for African voices to be heard and appreciated on a global scale, breaking stereotypes and showcasing the continent’s creative diversity.

These films are likely to attract a wider audience and generate increased interest in African cinema, fostering a greater appreciation for the region’s storytelling traditions and contemporary issues. As these projects gain visibility, they can pave the way for more African stories to be told and seen worldwide, contributing to a more inclusive and representative global film industry.


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The outlined slate seems exciting but how the co-producers will Navigate distribution challenges will highlight the maturity of the African market they want to conquer.

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