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Introducing Rollpay Africa: The Complete Payments Solution for your Production Team

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Rollpay Africa, powered by Filmmakers Mart, is thrilled to announce its pre-launch of We are inviting early sign-ups to enjoy exclusive discounts on subscriptions and special access to premium features.

Rollpay Africa is committed to empowering the African film industry by providing innovative solutions to streamline payment processes and enhance project management.

This innovative payment platform is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the African film industry. It offers seamless transactions, tailored payment solutions, and integrated project management features.

The African film industry has long been challenged by traditional payment methods, often leading to delayed payments, excessive bank charges, and difficulties managing multiple talents. Rollpay Africa addresses these issues by providing a robust platform that facilitates smooth transactions and supports the financial and project management needs of producers, production companies, writers, actors, crew members, and other creatives involved in film projects.

Rollpay Africa offers features designed to streamline financial and project management within the film sector. It facilitates quick and secure payments, reducing delays and ensuring timely compensation for all parties involved. The platform also offers customized payment solutions to fit the unique needs of the film industry, from individual talents to large production companies.

Additionally, Rollpay Africa includes tools to define roles, set up payment schedules, and track project progress, simplifying the complexities of managing film projects. The platform also assists with tax remittance and expense management, helping producers and creatives handle their finances more effectively.

Rollpay Africa’s vision is to empower the African film industry by simplifying payment processes, supporting project funding, and enhancing financial management. By addressing these critical aspects, Rollpay Africa aims to significantly contribute to the sector’s growth and sustainability.

“Rollpay Africa will revolutionize how payments and projects are managed in the film industry. Our goal is to provide a platform that solves existing challenges and supports the future growth of the African film industry”, said Chioma Paul-Dike, Chief Product Officer at Rollpay Africa.

The waitlist for Rollpay Africa is now open.

Click HERE to join the waitlist and secure your early sign-up discount on subscriptions and exclusive access to certain features. This is your opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of Rollpay Africa, powered by Filmmakers Mart, which is poised to become a game-changer for film professionals across the continent.

Rollpay Africa is committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of this vibrant sector.

The company plans to scale the product across all the major film hubs in Africa

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