“When Are We Getting Married” Season 2 Unveils Trailer + New Cast

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“When Are We Getting Married,” the Red TV web series officially returns this February 14th 

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The web series delves into the intricate challenges faced by young Nigerians navigating dating in Nigeria. Protagonists Edith, portrayed by Immaculata Oko Kasum, and Fenwa, played by Ric Hassani, will return as lead cast members facing the realities of marriage.

In the upcoming season, Edith faces a tough time with Fenwa’s family, who strongly disapprove of her, while he battles to survive an accident that almost claimed his life, as revealed in the official trailer. Produced by Ife Olujuyigbe and directed by Orire Nwani in collaboration with Film Trybe, the series promises to captivate audiences with its engaging narrative and relatable themes.

The cast of the YouTube series boasts a stellar lineup, including Ronke Oshodi, Obehi Aburime, Pelumi Buari, Martha Ehiome, Patrick Doyle, Adekunle Olopade, Neo Akpofure, and Vee Iye. 

In Summary

The web series “When Are We Getting Married” has a decent 140,000 views for the first episode and 50,000 views for the last episode in Season 1.

Now, as everyone looks forward to Season 2, hopefully, the series get a popularity boost that will see new cast members play new characters.


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