Viola Davis, Julius Tennon’s JuVee Production Partners with N LITE for Afro-Anime Films

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Starting with Congolese epic fantasy Mfinda, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Production is branching into animation in partnership with N LITE.

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The Japanese-led media company and anime studio, N LITE is partnering with JuVee Production to create a slate of Afro-anime films, the first of which is Mfinda.

N LITE is a media Company and anime studio bringing untapped stories from black, African, and Afro-indigenous imagination to life on the silver screen.

Created by the Congolese American Artist Patience Leiken and N LITE founder Christiano Terry, Mfinda brings audiences into the Congolese culture and enchanting world of spirits. This is a tale of a young girl called Odi, who is transported into the past where she joins another young girl, Nasambi. They must venture into the MFINDA and confront evil spirits to reclaim the Nkisi if she has any hope of returning home.

As announced at the 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Mfinda will be produced alongside producer-distributor powerhouse GKIDS, most recently in theatres with The Boy and the Heron, as well as Studio M2’s legendary anime producer Masao Maruyama (Tokyo Godfathers) and Taro Maki (In This Corner of the World) from Studio M2.

Key Background

JuVee Production spearheaded by Viola Davies and Julius Tennon is an artist-driven, Los Angeles-based production company that develops and produces independent film, television, theatre, VR, and digital content across all spaces of narrative entertainment.

JuVee Productions seeks to produce economical yet premium, sophisticated, and character-driven stories. With an emphasis on producing narratives from a diverse range of emerging and established voices alike, JuVee Productions aims to become the go-to creative hub where the next generation of filmmakers and artists have the space to craft dynamic stories spanning the broad spectrum of humanity.

In partnership with N LITE, JuVee aims to support talents and produce content from underrepresented communities.

In Summary

JuVee Production’s collaboration with NLITE will span Merchandise, graphic novels and manga.

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