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Kenneth Gyang’s “This is Lagos” Unveils Key Cast & Confirms December 2023 Debut (EXCLUSIVE)

The Story

After a decade in development, This is Lagos, a film by Kenneth Gyang, is finally set to see a big screen premiere, this December.

Tell Me More

This Is Lagos is a film produced by Kenneth Gyang, Tom Rowlands-Rees, and Jide Makinde with Charles Okpaleke as Executive Producer.

The film is adapted from a published short story by Crispin Oduobuk-MfonAbasi, with story development by Tom Rowlands-Rees and Kenneth Gyang.

The screenplay, a collaborative effort by this talented trio, was finalized in 2013, with Paul Walman contributing as the director of photography.

Directed by Kenneth Gyang, the film portrays the captivating journey of Stevo, portrayed brilliantly by Gabriel Afolayan, a young man with an insatiable hunger for superstardom in a city where everyone wears a mask of some kind. This Is Lagos skillfully captures Stevo’s story in a darkly humorous manner.

The movie also features a star-studded ensemble cast, including Ikechukwu Onunaku, Rahama Sadau, Kate Henshaw, Enyinna Nwigwe, Sani Muazu, David Jones David, Greg Ojefua, Mike Afolarin, Jibrin Homsuk with a special appearance by the music sensation Jesse Jagz and introducing Laura Pepple. 

The film promises to offer viewers an unforgettable cinematic experience, combining humour and drama to explore the complexities of life in the bustling city of Lagos.

Key Background 

Kenneth Gyang has earned widespread acclaim for his works featured at prestigious film festivals. His film Oloture, available on Netflix, has particularly shone, underscoring his global influence and trailblazing contributions to Nigerian cinema. 

Notably, Kenneth is one of the founding members of Cinema KpataKpata, a production company established in collaboration with Yinka Edwards and Tom Rowlands-Rees. This creative powerhouse was behind the production of This is Lagos, in partnership with Technical Magic Media, a versatile media development studio owned by Jide Makinde, who also serves as an Executive Producer on the project alongside Olanrewaju Olalusi.


Kenneth Gyang’s filmography predominantly includes works exclusively available on streaming platforms, such as Blood Sisters, Oloture, and Far From Home. This stark contrast to his earlier projects, notably his debut feature Confusion Na Wa and the second film The Lost Cafe, prompted a question from Shock in an exclusive interview regarding his decision to release This is Lagos in cinemas, given the rising popularity and convenience of streaming platforms.

His response shed light on his cinematic vision, stating, 

“The way I crafted this film was with the intention of having the audience experience it on the grand canvas of the big screen. This is reflected in the film’s visual design, and even in terms of lens choices. The sole reason we went with full frame Anamorphic.”

He continued, expressing his deep connection with Lagos, saying,

This is Lagos is my love letter, a personal project. I’ve already completed two films, but this one is my heartfelt ode to Lagos. As someone deeply rooted in the essence of the city, I wanted to capture the true spirit of Lagos and present it to the audience in all its glory on the expansive canvas of the big screen.”

This choice not only reflects his commitment to cinematic artistry but also emphasizes his desire to immortalize Lagos as a legendary city through the power of the silver screen.

In Summary

 This is Lagos is scheduled for a December release, and anticipation is building among audiences eagerly awaiting the release of the film’s trailer in the coming days.

“This is Lagos” frame still – Courtesy’s Cinema Kpatakpata.

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