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“The Woman King” conquers triple-decker sales in 7 days. Can “Brotherhood” do the same?

Same Market. Different Outcome?

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The Woman King rakes in N113.87 million in its opening week and now has a new shiny competition hot on its tail. 


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The Woman King is a historical epic title inspired by true events in the Dahomey kingdom between the 18th and 19th centuries. It was written by Dana Stevens and Maria Bello and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

The film features A-list actors like Viola Davis, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim, John Boyega, Jimmy Odukoya, and was released in Nigerian cinemas on the 16th of September. 

The Woman King was an anticipated film that was not met with disappointment after its release.

In its weekend debut, the title grossed N68.35 million across 60 locations in Nigeria. Following the successful weekend debut, the film went ahead to make a flash-cume revenue of N113.87 million after its first week, making it one of the few movies to achieve this milestone in the history of the Nigerian box office.


In anticipation of the success of Brotherhood at the box office, producers of the film, as well as fans, have shown the eagerness to see the flick be the first movie to break the N1 billion ice at the Nigerian box office. 

Though the publicity and marketing for the film have been top-notch high, does it really stand the chance of making this success, considering the fact that it did not debut during a major holiday in the country?

Also, in the history of the Nigerian box office, most movies that have grossed the most are those distributed by FilmOne. Considering that Brotherhood is being distributed by Genesis Pictures, a film distribution company that has never grossed past N100 million for any of its titles does Brotherhood still stand the chance of making a three-figure in its opening week?

There are a few movies that have been able to cross the three-digit bar in their first week, and very fewer of them, like The Woman King, did so when not released during a major holiday.

Brotherhood is an action movie directed by Loukman Ali and produced by Jade Osiberu, the founder of Greoh Studios. The film is prided as the first action film in Nigeria properly executed for the big screens and doesn’t fall flat in terms of storyline. 

 The title debuted in cinemas on the 23rd of September after being premiered on the 19th of September in Lagos.

Key Background

Between 2018 and 2022, only 11 films, including The Woman King, have grossed three digits in their first weeks.

The films are Black Panther, Aquaman, Doctor Strange 2, Omo Ghetto: The Saga, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Avengers: Endgame, Thor 4, Lion King, Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, Christmas in Miami, and very recently, The Woman King.

Can Brotherhood join the list?

It is a mark of success for any movie if it can open with a three-digit in its opening week.

For a film like Brotherhood gunning for N1 billion, a three-digit opening figure will hint at whether or not the title will pull off this ambitious box office cume – Our fingers are crossed to see how the numbers turn out.

Box Office consumer Wars 

Back in December 2018, something similar struck in terms of a consumer war like this.

Chief Daddy (2nd week) and Aquaman (1st week) clashed in the market window of December 21st -27th.

The results as shown below reveal how the Hollywood title bested the Nollywood title by a little over 6 Million – however, both titles still pulled triple digits and enjoyed ticket sales more than the rest of the top 5.

Something similar could happen this week and it will be very insightful to see how the market reacts. especially in a non-holiday window.

Aquaman finished with a gross cume of N452M whilst Chief Daddy bowed out with N387M

In Summary

This is it. The biggest consumer wars in 2022.

How well can a domestic title perform in the same market with the same dynamics as a Hollywood title? 

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