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“The Stand Up” Begins Theatrical Debut, Kicks Off Nollywood Box Office December

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“The Stand Up” Begins Its Theatrical Debut to usher in the December box office wave!

Originally meant to debut back in October, “The Stand Up”, directed by Jide Oyegbile, and produced by Peekaboo Productions and FilmOne Entertainment has now been confirmed to be released today on the 2nd of December.

This big-screen drama follows the story of a simple electrician from Warri, who decides to go to Lagos to make it big and save his sister while encountering some challenges in his endeavours

Anticipate seeing Richard Mofe Damijo, Ay Comedian, Real Warripikin, Eso Dike, Jide Kosoko other talented acts in this detty December release.

Watch Trailer Here

It is important to note that RMD is also starring in “Palava”, which will also be released this December 2022

Initially, this film was to be released in October, however, the creative directors decided on a December release. Was this a good decision? Will this strategy work out, seeing that many other big named films are also taking up slots this festive season

What are the fighting chances for this film?
Will consumers give “The Stand Up” a shot amidst despite these obstacles? 6 titles are on the line and how moviegoers troop out this season is still unpredictable

Let’s know what you think 👉👈

🎄⚡️🤑Detty December Wave is here. To understand how movie consumers are spending their hard-earned money, follow our special December office coverage with new data and insights every day by 1 pm only on @shockng

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