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The Hidden: An Africa Magic Thriller Series Worth Your Sunday Schedule

The Story ⚡

The Hidden is a thriller series built around secrets, society, and the inner workings of families, blood or not


Tell Me More 

African Magic premiered an Original Contemporary Nigerian Series, The Hidden on the 28th of May 2023.

The series stars Ireti Doyle, Bucci Franklin, Racheal Enem Isaac, Misi Molu, Victoria Daniel, and Evelyn John.

Set in contemporary Nigeria, The Hidden sees Evergreen Nigerian Actress Ireti Doyle wearing a triple frontier hat as Executive Producer, Head writer, & makes her directorial Debut all the while playing the role of “Flo Ade” in the series.

Who is Flo Ade?

Flo Ade is a central character of Ireti Doyle’s own making. She is a Matriarch who is in Ireti Doyle’s own words: “the one people run to in times of trouble; because they know she’d have their back.”.

We all have that one Auntie or sometimes Uncle, the one you run to when there is nowhere else to go, or maybe you are that Auntie/Uncle, a figure of authority, nonjudgmental & supportive, dishing out hope and second chances to those who are in need of it.

Key Background

In the Film and TV industry, it is common for Actors to leverage their wealth of experience and crossover to the backend of filmmaking: writing, directing, & producing. It is rarer to see crossings from the Backend to being in front of the Camera but that is exactly what Ireti Doyle did.

At an early point in her career, Ireti Doyle was a backroom Production Staff & she did some successful writing for some shows. She of course left all that to grace us all with her on-screen presence giving us various powerful & magical Performances over the years.

With The Hidden, she reaches across and combines both, giving us a full-stack Performance wearing several hats to bring this series to Fruition.

She has a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, with knowledge and expertise to help the cast and crew of The Hidden create a series to thrill audiences. 

In Summary

So, you can expect The Hidden, with the powerful characters brought to life by its ensemble cast, to be a very relatable watch because it draws so much parallel with our Societal workings.

The Hidden is a gripping thriller that will keep you hooked. Watch it on Sundays!

New Episodes of The Hidden are shown on Sundays on DStv Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151 at 20:30 (8:30) pm WAT.

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