Ndani TV Dates New Season of “Skinny Girl in Transit” For January 26th 2024 With All Original Cast!

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After a 3 year break in between, the critically acclaimed series returns in 2024

Skinny girl in transit season 7

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The new season of Skinny Girl In Transit directed by Bunmi Ajakaiye follows how Mide and Tiwa’s family has grown with the arrival of a new addition. However, the sleepless nights, diaper changes, and impact on their work lives have created a strain on their relationship. Despite their journey to get here, moving forward from this point may be the toughest challenge they have faced yet.

Meanwhile, Tiwa’s best friend, Didi, is planning her dream wedding to Editi. However, he prefers a smaller affair, having walked down the aisle before. But as they prepare for their special day, Didi’s overcompensation as a mother to Editi’s children has consequences that force them to reconsider their future together.

Skinny Girl in Transit season 7 is written by Bunmi Ajakaiye, Ifeanyi Barbara Chidi, Abdul Tijani Ahmed


In the new season of Skinny Girl directed By Bunmi Ajakaiye, all the original cast make a comeback to take on their roles. New cast members are Kunle Remi, Diana Russet, and Tony Umez.

Release Date

The new season is now confirmed to be released on the Ndani TV YouTube channel on January 26th 2024

Number of Episodes

The number of episodes for the new season will be 10 in number.

In Summary

Since its debut 8 years ago, the web series has had consistent viewership numbers that keep rising season by season and is clearly one of the leading shows that contributed to the overall 120M views that Ndani TV currently has.

Will this new season be welcomed by fans, especially its delay?

Come January, we will find out

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