Nollywood TweetStorm: What You Missed, Details Breakdown and Key Takeaways!

The domestic film industry here in Nigeria had a “Gbas Gbos” (Heated) conversation on popular social platform Twitter.

From writers, directors, executive producers as well as critics giving their opinions on several topics that was being discussed, this all culminated into a Tweet Storm that the film industry truly needs for a more robust growth.

Nigerian Film Posters: Arranged by Jade Osiberu

In this post we will be sharing with you how it all started, what you missed and the key takeaways you can part with. Let’s get the ball rolling.

A tweet by a writer with the handle @molarawood went sort of viral. It was about certain Nollywood films being over hyped when in case it was bullshit. According to her she said film industry was brewing films that had no good story and that was really wrong.

Quite a thread right. Now here are some responses, subtle clap backs and general comments


Now you see why we called this a tweet storm…..

oh we are not done yet. There is still more that followed.



At this point, let’s cross over to Instagram for Jadesola and Imoh Umoren’s Comments and then wrap this up!


 1. For takeaways,the domestic film making industry is still very much growing and should not be compared with other international counterparts.

  2. Domestic Movie critics should and must be allowed to voice their opinions about films. They  are part of the film making ecosystem and truly beneficial.

 3. Filmmakers should not be told what to do. Advise and move on. They have been in this game for long and they have firsthand experience of  what their Audiences will PAY for. Keyword on PAY!

4. The fact that this tweet storm  actually took place means domestic audiences now more than ever are paying attention to what domestic filmmakers are doing. This in fact means audience growth and penetration has increased for the past five years.

Film is a BATTLEGROUND – Sam Fuller 

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