Netflix Signs Deal With U.K Based Production Company for “African – Non English” Content

Wash Your Hands!


The stream wars is revving up for Africa as Netflix signs development deal with UK based Production company – Upper Room Productions led by 27-year old actor John Boyega

According to official press release, Netflix says the slate of projects  will have a “focus on West and East Africa”

This will further our investment in the continent while bringing unique African stories to our members both in Africa and around the world

The multi-year deal, according to a source will be three features with two set in Nigeria and the other in Egypt

Focus will be of African IP such as literary properties, Nollywood classics, screenplays, and mythology

John Boyega

British Nigeria actor John Boyega who is best known for his role as stormtrooper Finn founded Upper room productions back in 2016 and would lead the execution of this project with Vice President Yara Shaikh who hails from Sudan

Yara Shaikh

As it stands, Netflix seems to be gunning hard to bring the continent’s audiences to it’s side with the latest deals announcement

This block of new deals certainly brings good news for the huge, fresh and existing local talent base we have in Africa but makes it very clear on who Netflix chooses to run the show for it’s original programming

 Of concern is the “Nollywood classics” cited as a focus point for the content slate, it is very certain that a domestic filmmaker needs to be on this project for accurate depictions

Domestic audiences are quite critical of these depictions that are deemed as classics and must be properly well-executed in any form it materializes

The deal also reveals that the project will be done in “Non – English Language” which means a local language will be used by characters

Our best guess will be the use of pidgin (Nigeria), which will be a delight because casting has to reflect someone that can handle the said language authentically at ease

 Netflix has come to stay as an entertainment competition that is ready to fight tooth and nail to get loyal African customers before the rest of the stream gang comes for a portion of market share

It is not about if this will happen, it is now about when it would take place

The stream wars are just getting started in Africa and we will be following every bit of it

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