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Must See Nigerian Feature Films at AFRIFF 2023

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As AFRIFF 2023 unfolds, don’t miss out on these exceptional Nigerian films that have earned a spot in the selection.

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As AFRIFF cements its global cinematic prominence, it shines as a beacon for filmmakers, artists, and enthusiasts from Africa and the diaspora. With over a decade of history, AFRIFF has established itself as the leading annual gathering for African filmmakers, celebrating a diverse array of films, from cutting-edge contemporary creations to timeless classics.

AFRIFF categorizes films into “in competition” and “out of competition.” In the former, films vie for prestigious awards under the scrutiny of an expert panel or jury, earning recognition and accolades.

In contrast, “out of competition” films are screened for various reasons, such as special presentations, retrospectives, or works by esteemed directors who opt not to compete for awards. These films enrich the cinematic experience without seeking festival honours.

This balance allows AFRIFF to recognize excellence within the competitive arena and offer a broader cinematic experience through out-of-competition screenings. 

Selected Title Details

Over 15 titles will be showcased at AFRIFF, Here is the list of selected Nigerian titles with the director’s name, duration and production date. 

Opening and Closing Titles are Orah directed by Lonzo and Breath of Life Lonzo Nzekwe

In Competition

Afamefuna (2023) | Directed by Kayode Kasum |  Duration 02:05:24 

Finding Odera (2022) | Directed by Charles Uwagbai  |  Duration 01:59:46 

Tarella: Princess of the Nile (2023) | Directed by Lolo Eremie and Kayode Kasum |  Duration 01:47:10  

Kanaani (2023)| Directed by Tola Olatunji  |  Duration 01:55:50  

All  the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White (2023)| Directed by Babatunde Apalowo  (Nigeria)   |  Duration 01:32:47  

Black Harvest (2023)| Directed by James Amuta  |  Duration 01:31:19  

This is Lagos (2023)| Directed by Kenneth Gyang  |  Duration 01:31:02  

Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti (2023)| Directed by Bolanle Austen-Peters  |  Duration 01:31:00  

A Green Fever (2023)| Directed by Taiwo Egunjobi   |  Duration 01:25:15  

I Do Not Come to You by Chance (2023)| Directed by  Ishaya Bako  |  Duration 01:40:00  

A Song from the Dark (2022)| Directed by Ogo Okpue (UK) | Duration 01:43:00

Out of Competition

Onyeegwu (2023)|  Directed by Uche Jombo  | Duration  01:42:18 

Scar (2023)|  Directed by Chris Eneaji  | Duration  01:41:05 

Offshoot (2023)|  Directed by Steve Ayeny  | Duration  02:07:06  

The Rising Sun (2023)|  Directed by Bakia Thomas  | Duration  01:52:09 

Over the Bridge (2022)|  Directed by Tolulope Ajayi  | Duration  01:46:00   

Mojisola (2023)|  Directed by Kenneth Gyang | Duration  01:45:12 

What No One Knows (2023)| Directed by Adeoluwa Owu | Duration 02:04:00

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How to Attend AFRIFF 2023 

If you’re a professional filmmaker or a movie enthusiast looking to network and immerse yourself in the world of cinema at AFFRIF, registration can be done via the official AFFRIF website at


In Summary

AFRIFF 2023 is set to be a vibrant cultural spectacle, a celebration of indigenous creativity with global outreach, firmly establishing its presence on the global cinematic stage.

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