Meet The Facilitators of Homevida and How To Apply For The 2024 Filmmaking Program

The Story⚡

Each year, Homevida offers a great opportunity for young filmmakers to learn, network, and engage with their peers, and collaborate on film projects. Homevida achieves this by organizing a masterclass workshop and sponsoring the production of films that highlight key social issues through donor funding.

How To Apply

The program which takes place for 4 days and online with over 14 classes will teach the following topics:

Filmmaking: Advance your craft in planning, shooting, and editing short films. Emphasize storytelling with a purpose

Scriptwriting: Put the Pen to action. Learn about plot structure, character development, and emotional arcs

Storytelling for Change: Understand the power of storytelling and its role in driving social change. Explore how filmmaking can be a catalyst for impact

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Meet The Facilitators 

About Homevida

The Nigeria Integrity Film Awards (HomeVida) is a unique platform that provides incentives for young scriptwriters, filmmakers, and creatives to promote integrity values using film or creative art in this case skits, spoken words, and visual art while influencing the wider public.

HomeVida aims to influence the type of films being produced in the film sector (in this case, Nollywood) by providing incentives to filmmakers to produce films that address social challenges and societal value as a contribution to nation-building. HomeVida serves as a bridge between young filmmakers and other stakeholders in the industry.

For 12 years Homevida has put a spotlight on issues around gender equality, cyberbullying, digital economy and transparency, accountability and good governance (TAGG), Saving and Investment culture, and Benefits of the internet, amongst others. The HomeVida platform has produced 24 short films see link here and trained over 300 young scriptwriters on how to write scripts that focus on highlighting societal issues or happenings and inspiring people of integrity.

The deadline to apply for this program is now extended to the 4th of July



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