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Meet Blessing Oreva, Break Out Star in “Kill Boro” Now Streaming On Prime Video

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How do you play a Port Harcourt Gangster Babe? The answer is right in your face when you watch Blessing Oreva in “Kill Boro” now playing on Prime Video.

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“Kill Boro” tells the harrowing story of Elijah (Kosisochukwu Ogboruche), a young boy burdened by his father Boro’s (Philip Asaya) relentless brutality. Driven by desperation in the unforgiving streets of Azuama, Elijah seeks an unthinkable solution from a notorious gang leader (Gregory Ojefua).

Directed by Courage Obayuwana and written by Priye Diri with additional writing by Kester Nirim, “Kill Boro” explores the complexities of family, survival, the consequences of choices, and the enduring possibility of redemption. The film boasts a stellar cast, including Ini-Dima Okojie, Greg Ojefua, Hilda Dokubo, Brutus Richard, and more.

The feature which has received positive reviews, demonstrates the success of the First Features Project, an initiative led by renowned Nigerian filmmakers Steve Gukas and Dotun Olakunri. The project champions a new generation of talented filmmakers, providing them with essential mentorship, training, and funding to produce and promote their debut feature films.

Meet Blessing Oreva

Blessing Oreva is a Nigerian-born actress who plays “LYD” in Kill Boro. In 2020, she earned her first acting credit in “Paint My Dreams”: A short film by Chima Igbokwe.

We had a quick conversation with her about her audition, playing a gangster babe who has never lived in PH city and what’s next for her.

How did you get to audition for this film? 

On a random day, I received a call from the team to come in for a one-on-one reading, on getting there and reading the audition sides, I took a sigh immediately washing out every nook of “princess” I’ve had on, shook myself out of my shell and read (auditioned) for LYD, and was more than excited to be Cast for this amazing project.

How was your experience on set?

It was warm, I had fun, and I also made new friends. I learnt and got motivated just from having side conversations with other actors on set, I had a nice work relationship with the cast and crew, and importantly a great Director to work with.

Kindly share the approach to your powerful monologue scene.

I’d say regarding who LYD was; Hot Headed, hard guy. I drew from episodes from my personal experience with these kinds of people. Being vulnerable is quite an issue with them, but in getting closer you’d find that these ones have soft skins too and parts of their history that expose their vulnerability, and so after understanding thoroughly where the character Lyd was coming from and putting myself in her mind frame.

I deliberately took the “hard Guy” Lyd to the fireside and made sure I was deep in that, and when Eli came at Lyd with the question, I, Blessing Uzero said to LYD… “Let her Go” and her vulnerability and pain were exuded.

Describe LYD, your character in the world of the Kill Boro?

Growing up with extended family I saw quite a couple of Lyds, people who have been through a lot in life.

I got to quickly understand Lyd as that girl who had to grow up too fast, as the hot-headed, hardest guy, the girl who takes little or no notes from what society says ladies should be, just allowing her emotions and her thoughts about any situation to take the LYD 😉

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Blessing says she eagerly looks forward to working on more Productions with more producers, expanding her network. She further shares

“Whilst doing that building myself and learning more for the bright future of producing Films”

In Summary

Kill Boro stands out as one of the best feature films released so far on Prime Video this year.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think

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