John Wick is Trending On Twitter Because Of Former Liverpool Player Daniel Sturridge!

"Give me back my Dog" i will pay you.

Credit: Daniel Sturridge IG

Former Liverpool player Daniel Sturridge has made the Movie Character John Wick Trend on social space Twitter. Last night, the popular professional football player house in L.A  was burgled and apparently his dog stolen.

Daniel through a video posted by sports news website says he wants his dog back.

“Somebody broken into the house here in L.A, took my dog from the house”

“listen, whoever knows who broke into my crib i will pay you anything. am dead serious. i want to know whats going on.i want to know why they took my dog. i want to know WTF is going on. Am dead serous”

Here is a picture of the dog that was taken from Daniel Sturridge house.

Upon seeing this news which is in likeness to the movie of john wick, users on Twitter with thier normal habit have some posted some funny comments you can read below.

Daniel has also offered to pay a stipulated amount of money for anyone that brings his dog back.



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