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Gareth Edwards’ Artificial Intelligence Movie Nears N60 Million After 4 Weekends, Overtaken By “Merry Men 3”

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The Creator by Gareth Edwards makes almost N60 million. Here’s how it earned in the past 24 days.

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The Creator is an epic science fiction action thriller film directed by Gareth Edwards, who produced the film and also co-wrote it with Chris Weitz. The film features cast like John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe, and Sturgill Simpson.

The title was released at the box office on the 29th of September, 2023. That weekend, the film opened with N13.85 million. It would later make a sum of N23.32 million in its first week.

In the second weekend, the flick made N9.91 million and N16.43 million in a full week. It remained the second film at the box office after Expendables 4 till this week. In the fourth week, when it would fall to number three after Merry Men 3 and Expendables 4, it earned N8.57 million during the weekend and N13.35 million in the third weekend.

Currently in its fourth week, the title is close to making N60 million, having raked in N6.50 million last weekend.

Day 3 – N13.85 million

Day 7 – N23.32 million

Day 10 – N33.28 million

Day 14 – N39.89 million

Day 17 – N47.60 million

Day 21 – N53.57 million

Day 24 – N59.15 million

The Creator is set in 2070. Following a nuclear detonation in Los Angeles and a fight against artificial intelligence, an ex-special force agent has to bring down the “Creator,” who has created a weapon capable of destroying the world.

Top 5 Movies

5. Killers of the Flower Moon

The film opened at the box office with a sum of N3.64 million. It debuted in 33 locations.

4. Something Like Gold

In its fourth week, the title made N5.41 million. 

3. Expendables 4

After five weekends at the cinema, the action film has made N103.05 million. In its fifth weekend, it made N5.93 million.

2. The Creator

The film made N6.50 million.

 1. Merry Men 3

Shown in 66 cinema locations across the country, the film made N19.38 million last weekend. It has so far grossed N50.19 million.

Key Background

Development for The Creator started in November 2019 after Gareth Edwards inked to write and direct a project for New Regency. This agreement was announced officially in February 2020. While John David Washington was hired for the project in May 2021, other cast members joined over the next year. Principal photography later started in January 2022. It was shot in Thailand. Shooting wrapped in May that same year.

In Summary

At N59.15 million in 24 days, will The Creator make it to N100 million? The next few days will tell.

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