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Check Out 55 New Movies Coming to Africa Magic This March 2023

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First-class entertainment is coming to all movie lovers this new month of March.

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Prepare to be swept away by a wave of heart-pounding action, gripping drama, gut-busting comedy, spine-tingling horror, and everything in between as Africa Magic brings 55 brand-new Nollywood films straight to your screens this March.

Starting March 1st, “2023”, Africa Magic will unleash a tidal wave of top-notch entertainment featuring exciting storylines and high-quality production. With premieres scheduled on Africa Magic Urban and Showcase, there’s something for everyone, from die-hard romantics to adrenaline lovers.

Kicking off the extravaganza is “Room Hate,” airing at 4:30 pm on March 1st on Africa Magic Urban. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there are plenty more cinematic treasures to discover in the following days.

See movie details for all 55 films below:

Title Date TimeAiring DayChannel
Room Hate1-Mar-234:30pmWednesdayAM Urban
The Complete Half2-Mar-232:00pmThursdayAM Showcase
Total Crisis2-Mar-234:00pmThursdayAM Urban
Final Crisis3-Mar-234:00pmThursdayAM Urban
Alone3-Mar-235:00pmFridayAM Showcase
Cheat4-Mar-231:30pmSaturdayAM Showcase
The Playbook4-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Showcase
Just Like Abc4-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Urban
Daluchi5-Mar-2311:00amSundayAM Showcase
Now That We Are Married5-Mar-239:30pmSundayAM Showcase
Can You Forgive5-Mar-239:30pmSundayAM Urban
In The Middle Of The Heart6-Mar-234:30pmMondayAM Urban
Flat Share7-Mar-234:30pmTuesdayAM Urban
Love And Likeness8-Mar-233:50pmWednesdayAM Urban
Playing By Heart9-Mar-232:00pmThursdayAM Showcase
Will Of God9-Mar-234:20pmThursdayAM Urban
Reggae Boys10-Mar-233:30FridayAM Urban
My Jewel My World10-Mar-235:00pmFridayAM Showcase
Logline11-Mar-231:30pmSaturdayAM Showcase
The Last Days of Lola Sampson11-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Showcase
Fatal Mistake11-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Urban
Emily’s Muddle12-Mar-2310:45amSundayAM Showcase
A Night Alone12-Mar-239:30pmSundayAM Showcase
Prime Suspect12-Mar-239:30pmSundayAM Urban
Criminal Law13-Mar-234:20pmMondayAM Urban
Control14-Mar-234:40pmTuesdayAM Urban
Rush Hour15-Mar-233:45pmWednesdayAM Urban
Dear Sister16-Mar-232:00pmThursdayAM Showcase
Final Hour16-Mar-233:55pmThursdayAM Urban
Taxi Driver17-Mar-234:05pmFridayAM Urban
Don’t Test My Love17-Mar-235:00pmFridayAM Showcase
The Kingmaker18-Mar-231:30pmSaturdayAM Showcase
The Hunter18-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Showcase
Monica’s Error18-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Urban
Hex19-Mar-2310:45amSundayAM Showcase
Direct Message19-Mar-238:30pmSundayAM Showcase
Deeper Than Love19-Mar-238:30pmSundayAM Urban
Trouble In Paradise20-Mar-234:30pmMondayAM Urban
A Lasting Chance21-Mar-234:30pmTuesdayAM Urban
White Hunters22-Mar-233:40pmWednesdayAM Urban
Holy Heist23-Mar-232:00pmThursdayAM Showcase
Return Of White Hunters23-Mar-233:55pmThursdayAM Urban
Girl Of Destiny24-Mar-234:10pmFridayAM Urban
Accidental Maid24-Mar-235:00pmFridayAM Showcase
Holy Trouble25-Mar-231:30pmSaturdayAM Showcase
Haywire25-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Showcase
First Things First25-Mar-239:00pmSaturdayAM Urban
The Crush26-Mar-238:30pmSundayAM Urban
The Bride Price26-Mar-238:30pmSundayAM Showcase
Transferred Aggression27-Mar-233:15pmMondayAM Urban
Supreme Ladies28-Mar-233:55pmTuesdayAM Urban
Desperate Sister29-Mar-233:45pmWednesdayAM Urban
Destiny30-Mar-232:00pmThursdayAM Showcase
Sister’s Heart30-Mar-233:40pmThursdayAM Urban
Omugwo / CHIMAMANDA31-Mar-235:00pmFridayAM Showcase



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From the 1st to the very last day of March 2023 – we got all the updates to keep you up so as to not miss out + an insider sneak peek of what’s to come.

Africa Movies to watch this march - Check Out 55 New Movies Coming to Africa Magic This March 2023

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