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Bem Pever’s Directorial Debut “Maia” Lands On Prime Video

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Discover the enchanting tale of Maia now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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“Maia” is a Faith-based Romantic Drama, following Maia’s quest to break a childhood curse and find love. Join her on this rollercoaster ride filled with hilarious mishaps and touching moments as she juggles her flourishing career as a florist and fights to keep her true love by her side 💕

Starring Ego Nwosu, Mofe Duncan, Preach Bassey, Collins Chukwu, Maria Ugbashi, Lara Wise, Ekemini Jane, David Ezekiel, Doris Nwankwo, and more

Directed by Bem Pever (@bempever) and written by Emil Garuba & Michael Garuba , “Maia” promises to be a cinematic experience you won’t want to miss!

Featuring original music by Monica Ogah, Eli-J, and Francis Atela, this film is a collaboration between Take 7 Media (@take7media) and Sutoritera Limited.

Speaking on the title, director Bem shares, “Our film explores the profound influence of spirituality and faith in Christ on one’s life. It’s an exploration of the power of belief, the capacity to love, and the freedom that comes with spiritual alignment.

He further adds that “the central question of Maia revolves around whether a Christian can endure under a curse. When we explore the concept of generational curses and the influence of societal perceptions, we examine whether someone grounded in their faith can navigate through such challenges”

In Summary

Maia serves as the directorial debut of Bem Pever and is now streaming on Prime Video.

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