AFRIFF 2022 Guide: 14 Must See Nigerian films + Where To Watch Them

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The Africa International Film Festival will commence on the 6th of November. 

At this film festival, 14 Nigerian feature films will be screened at different times throughout the festival’s 6-day event. And here’s a breakdown of the titles, directors, date, and time of screening.

“Kofa” – Screen 3

Directed by Jude Idada

Thursday, 10th of November 

1:15-3:10 PM  

“Herdsmen” – Screen 3

Directed by Toka Mcbaror  

Thursday, 10th of November 

11:45 AM-1:15 PM

“Bekma” – Screen 4

Directed by Best Okoduwa

Monday, 7th of November

4:15-7:50 PM

“Come With Me” – Screen 3

Directed by Baaj Adebule

Tuesday, 8th November

 4:50-6:25 PM

“Choke” – Screen 3

Directed by Mr. Orimz

Thursday, 10th of November

11:35 AM-1:15 PM

“One Too Many” – Screen 3

Directed by Kayode  Kasum

Tuesday, 8th of November

8:15-10:00 PM

“Something Special” – Screen 4

Directed by Precious Asuai

Monday, 7th of November

12:45-4:15 PM. 

“réBIRTH” – Screen 5

Directed by Tope Alake 

Monday, 7th of November 

7:50-10:00 PM

“Otiti” – Screen 3

Directed by Ema Edosio 

Wednesday, 9th of November 

8:20-10:00 PM

“Underbelly” – Screen 3

Directed by Toka Mcbaror 

Tuesday, 8th of November 

6:40-8:15 PM

“Anikulapo” – Alliance Francaise

Directed by Kunle Afolayan

Monday, 7th of November

4:15-6:40 PM)

“Hell Ride”  – Screen 3

Directed by Uche Odoh 

Monday, 7th of November

12:45-4:15 PM

“Strangers” – Screen 3

Directed by Biodun Stephens 

Thursday, 10th of November

9:35-11:35 AM

“A Romantic Comedy Featuring Lara and Tobi” – Screen 3

Directed by Segilola Ogidan

Wednesday, 9th of November

11:00-1:00 PM

In addition to this, a lot more Nigerian short films will take the center stage at this African Film Festival. This African film event will be held at the Landmark Centre Lagos. See you there.

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