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Will You Start a Business With Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend? – Watch Banking on Love Ep 2

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A brand new episode of Banking on Love is now streaming

Will You Start a Business With Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend? is the bone of contention for the guest on the show.

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In an era where money is placed above every other thing, it is considered an important factor in friendship, relationships and all sorts of ‘ships’. NdaniTV’s new series Banking on Love hosted by the amazing Abimbola Craig helps singles find love through financial conversations.

Banking on Love is a show where young people are invited on blind dates for conversations around money and to also test their financial savviness for compatibility.

These conversations involve a series of questions such as

Will you start a business with your boyfriend/ girlfriend?

What do you think about putting your partner on a monthly or weekly salary?

If you went broke, would you discuss it with me?

If I’m jobless for six months, would you give me a monthly salary?

Would you go into business with me if we were in a relationship?

Will you do a joint account with your partner?

What is your opinion on bill splitting?

Conversations such as these give a potential partner a glimpse into their supposed spouse’s world, You’re given access to their school of thought, financial beliefs, organizational capacity and the like.

A lot of humans appear beautiful and gorgeous until money is involved. There have been a series of experiences where the gorgeous human changes to a completely different person or even fights dirty because of money arguments or certain financial decisions.

So money conversation is an important criterion to have before committing to another person in a relationship.

Banking on Love is a must-see series for everyone (both single and married) to better understand your partner and to help make informed decisions regarding the choice of partner.

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