Ema Edosio’s “When Nigeria Happens” Movie To Star Alex Usifo, Dakore Egbuson, Seun Ajayi (EXCLUSIVE)

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Director Ema Edosio has unveiled the title of her next feature which is being made in collaboration with Celebrated Nigerian dancer Qudus Onikeku.

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When Nigeria Happens is a powerful exploration of the resilience and struggles of Nigeria’s youth, set in the vibrant and chaotic city of Lagos.

The film tells a poignant love story, offering a deep look at survival, identity, dreams, and the sacrifices made to achieve them.

By combining personal stories with the socio-economic challenges of a changing urban landscape, the film highlights the human spirit’s ability to endure and adapt in the face of adversity.

It invites audiences to see the clash between youthful idealism and harsh reality, reflecting the shared experience of many who strive, sacrifice, and dream despite difficult circumstances.

In an exclusive conversation, Ema Edosio shares her excitement about the film to Shock Newsroom. She shares:

This is the first Nigerian film about young contemporary Nigerian dance, featuring performances by dancers. I am thrilled to collaborate with Qudus Onikeku and the QDance Studio. Qudus brings his extensive experience as a professional dance artist, having performed in numerous local and international shows, including “We Almost Forgot,” which has been showcased worldwide.

His work is influenced by Yoruba traditional culture, blending it with various other elements such as the guiding philosophies of hip-hop, capoeira, and contemporary dance to explore the human condition.

I am also excited to be working with some great actors like Alex Usifo and humbled by the amazing talents involved in this film. The dance is pure and reflective of the times we live in here.

Key Background

Emamodeviefe Edosio, also known as Ema is a talented Nigerian director and cinematographer who is well known for her debut feature film Kasala! Which screened in 30 international film festivals and won 9 awards.

She started her career in filmmaking as an autodidact by shadowing cinematographers in Nigeria & Nollywood film industry. Her stunning visuals and passion for Cinematography enabled her to make a strong impact in the Nigerian film industry.

After several years as a freelance cinematographer, Ema obtained admission to the New York Film Academy (NYFA) and the Motion Pictures Institute of Michigan in the United States, where she majored in Cinematography and Directing.

Since then, she has worked as a video broadcast journalist for the BBC African Deutsch Welle
Germany, covering breaking stories across borders. She has also been a TV director for Nigerian TV
networks like Ebony Life TV and Ndani TV. In November 2014, she was granted the Film and
Television Director of the Year award by Ebonylife TV.

Her recent film, ‘Otiti’ formerly titled ‘Umuemu Oseme’ (The Sins of the Father) follows a seamstress who solely takes on the responsibility of catering to her ailing father who abandoned her as a child is now screening in film festivals and international airlines.

In Summary 

Nigeria has happened to most of us, and according to the director Ema, the aim of this film is not only to celebrate the talents, strength, and tenacity of Nigerians but also to hold a mirror up to our society. We want to encourage reflection and spark much-needed conversations about the way we live.

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